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November 1, 2012


After 50 years of spying and messing around, now Bond does a bit of house keeping ; I don't know if that's what you wanted from Bond, but that is definitely the thing on offer. Believe me and DO believe me, Bond can cry and you would utter with a sigh,"Oh s**t, he is human". Well about his house keeping part, he seemed to have cleaned it up too well.

There are two classes of Bond patrons (Well if you didn't know, i just made it up :) ), one who would always prefer him to be the cold blooded naughty agent who finds the same thrill in mutilation and fornication, one who is more a humanoid than human, the synonym of "flirting with danger". There is another set of people who craved for a human "Bond", the one in blood and bones, the one who isn't burdened with  the magnanimous volume of arrogance and a  too racy character. The movie might appear a bit disappointing for the first clan, but for the second group, you are in for a show guys. If you are expecting a bond flirting with bombs and babes, a tad disappointment on your face would not be a misnomer.

Javier Bardem just again exemplifies fine performance, I am sure, by far, he is the most powerful villain of the Bond franchise, not because of a powerful script, but his power packed performance. Judi Dench as M is exceptional, the new Q looks promising where as the lady brigade is a real disappointment as they haven't got anything much to offer. Daniel Craig is far more promising, I found him in better shape, in terms of performance and his body, in this edition than his previous two outings.

Talking about the technicalities, awesome locations, fantastic camera work and breath-taking actions steal the show.  No technical things have been over done and it appears picture perfect. Just forgot to mention, you wouldn't find Bond pulling out an explosive pen or a time bomb watch, this one is much more realistic and close to the heart than ever before.

People who feel that I am messing around rather than giving a clear verdict on the movie (Not that my verdict carries any significance), its because I am still confused if I was satisfied. Don't miss it because it is indeed a very well crafted movie, but is it the best bond movie ever, well.. I would say No. I am a fan of Bond who is more Brosnanesque rather than Craigesque. I love a Bond who caress his tie knot under water when normal people would gasp for air and skates sangfroid in the ice when an avalanche is behind his back and that Bond was missing in the movie. But I am not completely hopeless,  when he jumped into a half blown cab of a train and found time to fix a sleeve of his coat,  that gave me goosebumps. May be in next, we shall have the Bond we all are waiting for (Atleast I am!!).

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Anonymous said...

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J. H. Bográn said...

I saw the movie last night. The advantages of living in a small country.
You review tells quite a lot without giving away the ending. I feared you'd let slip anything other than the explosive pen. Ever since Daniel was offered a Martini and asked if shaken or stirred to which he replied: "Do I look like I care," this new era of the franchise has made a note of laughing at itself.
Then again, what could Skayfall and Home Alone have in common? Smile if you know what I mean.

varun krishna said...

@J H Bogran You are right Borgan, it isnt a good feeling to note that Bond persona seems to be moving entirely out of place of what Ian Fleming had envisaged. Atleast this wasnt the Bond I loved to watch.

Jyothi said...

I felt the same way about the movie. I am hoping Bond gets replaced soon, with someone who can do justice to the role too.

varun krishna said...

@ Jyothi, I am hoping the same too, but he is gonna do two more movies :)

Gil E said...

Baah bring back Pierce Brosnan (or someone else), Daniel Craig isn't cutting it!

വൈഡ് ബോള്‍ said...

I haven't seen this film yet..but I feel its good that bond films are coming out of the traditional formula...otherwise we will get bored as we did with mayaavi in balarama hi hi....well written da..keep going on!!

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