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April 19, 2008


It was unexpected ,especially it wasn't expected of Marc,none of his college mates had ever seen him cry.He was a strong and bold character,but despite his emotionless attitude thats well known among his friends,he couldnt control himsilf .It was the farewell event for the outgoing students.He was given a chance to share his feelings,he started off well,but then it seemed more like a confession that he was making.He was opening his heart to the gathering, everyone listened to him and there was pin drop silence in the air.

Four years back when he had stepped into the campus,he had no idea how his life would transform in four years.First year,it was about running away from seniors.Second year,he started to involve in the college culture,getting into student politics , strikes, proposals,love breaks etc.This was the time when he had the puff of a cigarette for the first time,he also tasted beer for the first time.As days and months passed by,the intensity of activity in these areas of interest kept on aggravating.He had become more an emotionless creature.He never found anything wrong in beating up his clasmates for his student group.He had his justifications which which just justified nothing.There were clashes among various groups in the campus and he always assured that he remained around in the front.

Academics was never his concern,but somehow he kept pushing himself off from one sem to other with not many baclogs .He had almost forgotten how difficult was for his parents to put him into the college,they had done it despite their financial constraints .His attitude had altogether changed.Almost by the end of third year,he knew he was having a bit too many papers to write down,but again those thoughts didnt stay longer,he had other business schedules.Again there was a clash in the college,there was no fight in the campus without his involvement and this time again,he participated wholeheartedly and finally the case was registered against him.There was nothing unusual about it,it was the fourth case against him.As all earlier cases were,even this would be sorted off.

Finally he stepped into the final year.He could see people around him had changed. His friends were more inclined to books than never before.They werent as careless as they were before.It was the time for first sessionals,as always, he had no books to read,no notes nothing.He came to the college morning and were just looking at others who were busy with their studies.
"Hey Marc,wanna check out some portions",It was John who was sitting behind him.Marc was stunned,he never expected a hand of help from John. he had beaten up John not once or twice,there has been heated exchanges between them before.But the same guy is out with his helping hands.John started explaining the portions for the test,Marc started to grasp certain lessons,not the ones John was explaining,but those which he should have learned much much earlier.Exams got over,it was final sem and almost all students did assure that they were in the classroom,not out of eagerness to learn, but out of desire to be with friends all along some days that was left in the campus.

Marc was knowing it better than ever before, he had placed many things above friendship and now he repents. There were many moments when he even forgot that those were his classmates whom he had treated as enemies.But none of them keeps that vengeance for him.Everyone sees him as a good friend and his conscience was knocking him down every moment he felt their love for him.He couldnt control and finally he broke off during the farewell.His words were applauded by all.He hadnt had even a pinch of hypocrisy or show offs in his words,it was directly from heart .He was feeling better now.After all he could tell everything he wanted to,he was lighter at heart now.Next it was their beloved class tutor who was on the stage,he started off with a smile.
"Dear students,within days you are moving off from student life to professional life.Its nice that Marc has understood his mistakes . But I would like to tell him that he has rectified his mistakes by asking forgiveness,now its time for him and others to think beyond it,life doesnt end here,to those who are placed and would be joining into new firms,work hard and do well and dont ever forget your friends and your college,to those who still have some papers to write down,its never too late,clear your papers and you have a bright future ahead of you.This is the third time I am here to wish farewell to my beloved students.Let me tell you all,you would never ever have such a tenure of pure unadulterated fun and friendship again.There were moments where we teachers have opposed to your certain activities,but it was all part of the college life,we have done it in our days,you are doing it now.But do make it a point to come to your college whenever you have time,these gates are always open for you,wish you all the best."

There was a big round of applause.It was followed by cultural programs,mean while senior guys were having photography sessions.They were dancing ,partying and it was all fun.Finally the program got over,the students started moving back to their hostels.Marc with his right hand resting on John's shoulders was walking back to the hostel.It was a star studded sky,he was just wondering at them,there were tears still in his eyes,this time he wasnt confessing,he was counting down his seconds left out at campus."Even farewell is over now,many wonderful moments to cherish,even this happens to be one among them.One complete chapter in life would soon be completed ,whatever is in store for me,I am sure I will never have such beautiful days again,never again"..


Shantharam Shenoy K said...

da very well put..seemed to have come straignt from your heart..really cool...

Aslam v 2.008 said...

very nice indeed....
reminded me of our college strikes,political fights,and everything......