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April 14, 2008

Calculation mistake

The scene is a bus stop.He and She are waiting in the bus stop.They have been bus stop mates for over a week now.Everyday She comes first,then comes he,both remain at the stop for around five minutes then take the same bus.At the bus stop they do share looks and smiles,but they havent yet talked.

Another day at bus stop
He:"Oh she looks gorgeous in yellow saree.But I still shiver to talk to her,I think even she feels the same,I am sure I have a serious interest on this girl.Even her looks convey the same.But I would better wait a bit more and then tell her what is within me.Oh dear please look at me,please look at me.. finally she looked,wow!! she is smiling ; hmm so let me confirm it ,she loves me."

She:"Oh crap,why is this idiot looking at me all the time.It seems he has never seen a girl ealier.Its been a week now I am getting intimidated.Every time I just happen to look at him,he is there showing out his yellowish teeth at me and I am forced to smile.I think I should tell my husband to drop me at the next stop atleast.This guy is eating up my nerves,useless fellow."

The bus comes,both of them climb in and move to their destinations.

Next week on , only He appears at the bus stop.Its been almost a week that He has seen her.He feels he had been late in proposing her,"Had I talked to her,she would have told where she is gone,atleast she would have given me her number,even she expected me to tell her what I felt for her,I missed my love".She climbs bus from the next stop and has changed her timing,"Thank god I got out of there,atleast now I dont have to see his face.Its a relief that he didnt talk to me,had he done that ,maybe I would be forced to teach him mannerism."

He is depressed over his lost love and She is happy that her intimidating factor is off.


Nithin said...

Short stories... I've always have loved them. It's always the simplest of stories, like this one, that are the most memorable. Even though almost nothing is said about the characters -- not even the name -- they are easy to remember, mainly because they're the kind of people we run into everyday.

Keep writing, I'm looking forward to more stories.

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

nice one da...short and simple but very true ain't it??

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