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June 12, 2008


The winds from the west had always been soothing and cool. Its not the first time they brought rains along with them. The coolness of wind, the freshness of rain, the smell of earth , all coordinated to give a wonderful feel of the nature whenever they came . This day was no different. It was a beautiful day and the light showers sprinkled freshness into its charm and beauty. None could ever be sad given such bliss of nature to feel and live on, but sadness filled the air at one home.

Gracy and David were still not out of it, how could they ever be; it was like nurturing a small plant , see it grow well and one day, all of a sudden, you see it crushed by nature. Stephen wasn't just like a plant, he was their life, their dreams , he was their son. Days have passed since he left them, but they could still see him running on the corridors, scratching the walls with his half broken scale, shouting and howling songs of Linkin park. Memories of Stephen still rule their days and nights, he was still a child when he died, but it seemed God needed him badly.

Sweetest memories hurt the most when life flips 180 degrees. She still recalls the day when Stephen was handed over to them. He was a small baby ,4 months old wrapped in small cloth of white, with half opened eyes and looking anxiously at everything around. Gracy and David didn't have a child even after seven years of marriage and thats when they decided to adopt a child.

Stephen made their days and nights, Gracy always had him in her hands, her hands were his cradle, probably Gracy and David were looking for a reason to live and now, the reason was looking at them with eyes brimming with love and innocence. Stephen was growing in the world of love, care and compassion. With every day, Gracy and David were getting closer to him.

Gracy's eyes were filling up with tears, she remembers the moment when he looked into her eyes, and for the first time whispered, "Maa..", the words that every mother loves to hear. Her eyes were wet on that day too, but now the reason is different. She can no longer hear that call, she can no longer hear that voice.

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Susanno said...

I love your writing styles. Cool blog you have. Keep it up dude.


Arun Srinivasan said...

Nice please continue