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April 8, 2008


When I look through the iron bars of my cell,I remember those days of happiness when I had a lot of people around me,when I laughed with friends,went for outing with them,had a happy time with my lovely dad and mom;but now my life looks pale in this black striped uniform, I find myself curtailed within bars ,not the physical ones. I am alone,I am constrained.None likes the life in a prison,nor do I;but life has always played tricks with me and destiny always had the better of me.This time too it was no better.

Its been 6 days now , that I have been in remand in this prison.My case is due for hearing next Monday.I hope to get the bail,but I dont feel that would just not be the solution for everything,certain wounds never heal. Yesterday mom and dad had come,mom was all tears,she wanted to tell many things but she seemed to be short of words.Dad seemed to be as strong as always,but I know he was in a bitter state than my mom,atleast if he had cried, I couldnt see him carrying all this burden.This was never the place they wanted me to be in.Even I never wanted to be here, I dont deserve to be here,but again.....

We were friends since we knew what friendship was, from the kindergarten on through my professional education,we were together.There were no differences among us, in good times and bitter moments we stood together. We never told each other how much we trust and value each other coz our hearts conveyed it better than words.It was when I got into my college that I knew how important he was for me.My first proposal,the moment when she rejected it mercilessly and then when we fell in love and finally when our relation broke off,he stood in support with me .Even I was the mediator for setting up his love story.It was just not limited to romance issues,even incase of monetary terms and also during certain critical issues in college , he had stood with me.Friendship is about that invisible and invincible give and take and we were dealing it in the best way possible.

Our college is well known for gang wars.Pirates and Rockers have their own reasons for conflicts and only few of us happened to be away from such gangs and their business.Even there has been certain extreme violence issues in the past that took lives of a few students.Usually we are advised always to not move around in nights,either remain in hostel or at homes, coz if you are caught in between their dealings, maybe even you wont be spared.I still remember that cursed moment when we decided to go for a second show movie.It was the release day and so there would be many from the hostel too, so we hoped there wont be much issues.He had taken his bike and so we were assured of getting back to hostel without much delays.The movie was good and we really enjoyed.By the time we got out of the theatre,it was 12 in the night;but there were a lot of people and we were in no worries.But again troubles strike at just the right time and the bike just didnt seem to be ready for the ride.He and his bike,this was not the first time that their combination failed.It was a wonderful night and with lot of college guys to walk with,we decided we would have a walk along with the bike to the hostel.It was just 2 miles away and with so many people around,the distance was never an issue.

We started chatting over various things,gossips and all nonsense stuffs.It was then we heard a loud roar.We could see a bunch of bikes infact a dozen or more roaring and moving in towards us.It wasnt an unfamiliar scene.It was Pirates and we were sure that from the next few moments on, hell would be on earth.People around us started running all around,we were not in a position to leave the bike and run,but still we could somehow move out from their way.There was a hell lot of things happening somewhere near us,but we were away from their sight .It was getting hard for us to push our bike and move on.So I told him to just park the bike at the nearby house that we could see and pick it next morning.I stood at the road side when he went into the compound for safekeeping his bike for that night.

Within moments I could see a vehicle running in swiftly,I moved off the road and in the way,I found something was thrown out.I just ran out of curiosity to find what it was.I couldnt believe my eyes,it was my classmate who was lying in blood with a knife stabbed in his chest.Another victim of gang war,but he was never among such issues,whatever be,I could see he was still breathing,he was just moving around his hands near the stabbed chest.I knew the knife was taking it out of him,I quickly removed it off with a thought that he would be feeling better.But as soon as I took it off,he took in a long breath,his eyes widened and then there was that terrible silence.He was dead and I was in no man's land,perplexed and confused ,what to do next.Just then my friend came out of the compound running and I explained to him what had happened.He advised me not to hang around since even we would be involved in the issue.So we just dropped off the body there, and ran off from there.I was still in the shock,but the moment called for presence of mind.

Once I reached at hostel gates,I took off my shirt coz it had a dark shade of blood in it.We convinced ourselves that we had seen nothing and I moved in to his room and changed the shirt.All were back in the hostel rooms and in that tense situation none bothered to care to know why were we late.All were eager to know what would have happened that night.Even we were eager to know if anyone would have seen us.If that happens,I felt we were on the way of getting screwed up.May be our fate was waiting for a nasty twist that we wouldnt have had thought even in our nightmares.We were waiting for the dawn,the dawn that could decide our destiny.

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Aslam v 2.008 said... wat happend next budy..
its very nice reading violent stories..
reminded me of our college wars..cant call it as a war..but still....:-)