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October 30, 2008

Destined to lose

Outplayed and stranded,
I stand,
with no branch to cling on.

Choiceless and frustrated,
I watch;
My destiny snatch out
what I loved the most.

I resist,rebel, shout
but my expressions glued within me,
powerless to come out;
And I put on a face
with smile pasted on my lips;
I heard eyes never lie,
But I prove it otherwise.

With no hopes left,
all dreams deserted,
I hope,
I would never hope for anything,
Coz hope was everything for me,
But now it has spared nothing;
A tranquil, soulless body is all
what I've become.


Arun said...

Oh you are a gr8 poet too. But poems like this comes out of a stressed up mind. Waiting for Satyam made u write this poem I guess.

appu said...

hehe might be :)