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January 28, 2010

Looking through the glass

Saturday evenings, either I am at home or I would be playing badminton at my campus. But this particular day, I was digging my way out through the notorious Bangalore traffic to catch the bus for my native.Finally I reached the bus station after a long journey which spanned for just a shade under 2 hours. After having dined from a nearby restaurant, I eased on a nearby bench and after some clock ticks, I found my bus at the terminal, I boarded and occupied my seat, as always , a window seat.

I have always loved watching the world through this small window, be it of my house, or of any vehicle am travelling. I get , surprisingly an unconstrained, uninterrupted perception(or perspective) on things my eyes flirt with , even though am looking through a space constrained well bound window. The air conditioned bus , had a transparent glass frame that in turn seemed boundless. Looking through the glass, I felt there was no glass that separated me from outside.

Looking through the glass, I see a child looking at the bus with wonder, I see two tiny eyes with its pupils widened to the max, I would never know the reason behind his lit up eyes, but I recall the moment when I saw a shooting star for the first time.The glitter that was in my eyes is what I see in his. Now I rarely have a look at the sky....The bus kept moving finding its way through the darkness of the night, I kept crawling down my memory lane.

Looking through the glass, I see the 'Hunter' constellation. The last time I ever noticed it , was probably when I was done with my graduation; before that may be at high school when I had heard about it for the first time. During those days, by just having a look at it, I could carve out a stout man out of a few stars. I could carve out spoons out of stars, Australia out of clouds and what not. Now it seems I have lost that power or may be I dont want to, I have lost that sense of wonder. 'Hunter' seems more a graph with 7 nodes and 8 edges than what I saw some eight years back.

Looking through the glass, I feel am looking into me. I had heard about a true incident that happened to a famous violinist who played his magic at New York metro station. People just passed on and never noticed him. The very next day , his show at a New York theatre ran houseful with ticket prices as high as 200$. I couldn't quite imagine how people could be so unappreciative and unaware about such beautiful things happening around. But now I realize it to be a hardly noticed reality.Looking through the glass, I wonder when was the last time I ever noticed that the sky was beautiful.

Looking through the glass, I see my own reflection.Running for the office, get back at night, pounce on something which I dont know is tasty or not, go to bed and repeat the cycle. I probably exist and forget to live. I probably eat to survive rather than enjoy what fills my belly. Somewhere down the lane, I feel I dropped something that I call life, something that I call the real reason.

Looking through the glass, I feel its time I realize what I seem to be losing, I reclaim what I need and not what I want.


TechSlam said...

Good to see you write after a long time.

Shantharam said...

Wow what a post. Long time absence from the blogosphere, and you are back with a bang. Its exactly what i feel, somewhere in this hurry to earn the greens we have dropped what we love, we do not enjoy the beauty of the night sky, just get home and doze off or work..the space for all small wonders have just been replaced by the hunger to get the greens

Arun said...

Good to know u are back to blogging. I am also in Bangalore now. I also remember having such journeys in Volvo.

Reclaim your life and continue blogging.

appu said...

@ Arun- Hey nice to c u after a long time :)

Anonymous said...

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