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July 26, 2010

An Exceptional Inception

Dreaming is an involuntary frequent activity; dreaming within a dream has a hairline occurrence probability; but dreaming within that dream is well.... It even takes more than one good minute for me to understand what I mean by the first statement. Now to make others understand what I mean, its goin to be an implausible task. But precisely, that's why I remain here and Christopher Nolan is there where he deserves to be :) . Inception is an intriguing movie in every sense of word.

Talking about the people behind the movie; Christopher Nolan has almost got nothing wrong in any of his previous endeavours and has virtually produced a classic out of each of his previous movies. With such a meritorious back ground, you dont have to think twice for booking a seat for his show. Leonardo di Caprio is someone who is yet to act in a junk movie and given his previous flawless performances, I didn't have a moment to think about watching this one. Talking about other performers, Nolan belongs to the elite list of directors who hand-picks even a light boy for his movie; cant expect things to go wrong from such a perfectionist.

Moving on from preview to review; we have a list of movies which boasted of heavy casts and technical gimmicks and failed miserably . But INCEPTION had its task cut out to such an extent that none of the reviews across the globe called it "good", they termed it "excellent". From the very first scene to the last , the craftsmenship of the director is carved in every frame; The picturesque of each scene, more a mastery on canvas than on a screen. There is probably not a single technical flaw thorough out the movie; not a single scene that makes you feel out from the wild, no frame out of context and virtually nothing that hinders the flow, except may be your thought process that is a moment slower in perceiving what you see. As far as the performance of the actors are considered, they were delivering what they were expected to.

If "Memento" was a memento for the audience to cherish forever; Inception was destined to trigger inception within its audience, if not in all, atleast in people of my wavelength who always felt that a day would come when movies would run short of themes. Finally when I get out of the theatre, I remember the famous dialogue from the movie 'The Shawshank Redemption', "how the hell did he ever get the best of me". Hats off Nolan and crew for that near perfect job called "Inception". Now lemme start dreaming !!!!


dinooz said...

well said bro.. Finally a blog whr i get to agree with u totally.. :)

Well.. not really.. i have to object to t last line.. it's not a near-perfect job.. given a plot like that, Nolan has done 100% justice to the film.. for me, thr's no way of perfecting this film, any more than it currently is..

Hats off to Nolan.. can't wait to start watchin his movies tht i missed so far..

nikhila.pc said...

but that ice scenes were not up to the was gud...the final rolling of the token....makes us realise thet we are also somewhere in a deep level of dreaming...