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August 17, 2011

The Kite Runner

My fascination for fiction is in its infancy and I am quite enthralled to tell you that I have been fortunate to read a gem which is termed as one of the best read in the last decade. 'The Kite Runner' is nothing but fascinating in every sense of word and beautiful beyond any bounds of tangible expression. As  I ran through the last words of the book, it was not a sense of  satisfaction that I had, but of a settled window pane that had quivered in a severe gust of wind, a satiable smile after having a ride on roller coaster of emotions.

The novel takes you through the parched lives of Afghanistan and the hardships people face to survive another day. Its an unparalleled caricature of  human story of Afghanistan with such depth and vividness that you cant tear yourself off the plot. The first hand narration of the protagonist makes you empathize the character  and your involvement to the whole plot bears an involuntary commitment.

The novel is based on two childhood friends, Amir and Hassan who grow in Afghanistan through the turmoils of time and later, part ways brought about by the turbulent situation in Afghanistan. Amir, the protagonist and his friend had woven a thick fur of friendship which gets torn off as time passes by, thanks to the justifiable cowardice of  the protagonist, and Amir moves to the United States of America  when Afghanistan was being ravaged by war. The novel continues with the narration of protagonist about his life in US and his saga  seeking redemption.

Even till the last word, the author has been successful in mesmerizing the reader in his web spawn of  hand picked words and heart crunching emotionally pricking tangled events. I would suggest it a must read for all  since its a passionate account of  deteriorating humanity and the never ending struggle of a nation and its people to find their niche.

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