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October 22, 2012

Ayalum Nhanum Thammil

Another beautiful tale from Lal Jose, another lucid script from Bobby - Sanjay, is what I would say about "Ayalum Nhanum Thammil". It is indeed a satisfactory watch and the performances of the cast has been to the mark if not mind blowing. The movie is neither an adrenaline pumper nor a blood gusher,but slowly imbibes into our heart and soul and gives a refreshing touch to our tender side.

Even though the movie is heart warming and good, I felt the storyline very much predictable. It would be impossible to match each frame of the movie or the story thread with another movie , but I strongly feel script writers have indeed trod over well laid paths and plots. The movie moves through the college life, romance and the various critical phases of the protagonist's life and there is no glitch or lack of clarity at any point. Songs are good too,but certainly not the best; maybe too many recent songs have been of the same genre, I didn't feel glued to them.

The performance of the cast is indeed worth mentioning. Prathap Pothan as our hero's mentor has played a picture perfect role. His subtle mannerisms and dialogue delivery helps to connect viewers to his role. Its a  satisfying thing to note that Prithvi Raj is maturing as a fine actor. Even though it is too early to cast him in the category of elite class of  fantastic malayalam cine performers, he is putting a commendable effort to join the league. I am not a big fan of his off screen persona, I felt him to be too arrogant (May be he cant feign modesty and is too frank) . But I have to admit, for the first time, I admired his acting above everything else. He has pulled off a fantastic performance. Other cast including Narein, Reema and Ramya have justified their inclusion in the movie.

I wouldn't say its a must watch. May be I kept too much hopes on the movie that I wasn't  fascinated at the end of it, but  certainly worth a watch. Its a good movie that is much beyond a time pass with a good message. But again , as I leave the theatre I felt I had seen these things before.

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Vipin said...

Thanks for the review.. I am gonna watch the movie tomorrow :)