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February 5, 2008

Phase off!!

Again I am back with something that has been told over and over by me and it seems that I just cant resist from being vommiting another version of some thing thats crawling in my skin for some months now.The most inevitable but yet the most un desiring,another phase off ,probably to the world of self sufficiency and a place where your walls are tightened up.

The last phase off,from school to college was never a part off unhappy shift,it had a feeling sprinkled with spark of freedom and carelessness,of all teenage hopes and many more.Four years have almost gone over .We had shared summer sunshine and winter chill together ,played in rain and blasted in springs.But it seems time is beckoning to be more conservative atleast in what the world takes from you.Oh the bloody diplomacy and formalities that are gonna rule my days and nights really knock me off my sleeps and dreams.But as many times in life I have done,I watch things happening by,choice less and even if there were choices,I think I would have done nothing else other than sitting perplexed.

Now I feel myself wanting to kick out those final days in my college life against my desires.I just want the hard and inevitable transformation,infact transplantation to happen out in a flash so that the pain of parting off my dream world doesnt sting for too long.I have always felt that there are certain things in life were you want both sides to happen at the same time .Its not that you love both,but certain things just asks for root outs and you never want you to be outrooted and fixed in somewhere where you never wanted to be, in a slow manner.None loves a slow and painful death.But again nothing would change ,the day doesnt seem to be far when you would see me with a tag around my neck,hitting on the keyboards and eyes hooked up in monitors,that professional diplomat whose life would be clocked completely and just another biological machine in the world,another so called techie in the making.

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