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January 27, 2008

Gilly :We miss you

I am not an Australian cricket fan and moreover I am a hardcore Indian cricket fan and as every fan would wish,even I too would have loved Gillchrist go out for a duck,but this time ,may be for the first time I felt that he should make some big runs because thats the sort of respect that I have for one of the greatest sportsmen of our era.It doesnt matter if you are an Indian or an Australian,but missing of a master blaster of his class and calibre and a superb wicket keeper is really a sad thing.He was a man of great character on and off the field and his utmost sporstman spirit has always given him great respect and dignity.The testimony of his great character is he has never stayed on the crease once he knew he had knicked the ball and he never waited for the umpire's decision.

Just two days back,I had listened to his interview with Harsha Bhogle and it was nice to see how simple a man he was.The testimony for his greatness was when he received a standing applause from the audience as well as Indian team when he walked into the crease and also during his long walk back to the pavillion.That shows the respect the other players all over the world has for him.Australian team would miss more a kind hearted cricketer than a master blaster superb wicket keeper.

Thank you Gilly for what you have been to the cricket world and the entertainment that you have provided with and I still dont hesitate to cherish those moments when you had thrashed centuries against India taking your team to victory because your determination and skills has always fascinated people around the globe even in India.Every true fan of cricket would always respect you for what you were on and off the field and your brilliance,determination and dignity are beyond borders.Hats off Gilly and wish you happy future off the field.

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