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June 30, 2009

Bits N Pieces from Pune

I bet I cant find a better scenario to put in a post here. I have been in such relaxed and cool state of mind before , but usually I was confined to my bedroom at home. But here, at Pune , when the breeze 'trickles' through my hair, when the lake and the hills around provide a treat to my eyes , I must say I am somewhere close to heaven. I feel any nonsense that I would write here would make sense given the backup I have got from , maybe the most beautiful place I would ever stay at. Guys note down, This is Khadakwasla , an aesthetic creation from nature blessed with bright sun shine in the mornings, a beautiful lake as if to give that finishing touch to a wonderful painting and a bunch of hills holding it tight from all sides forming the boundary of the canvas.

I have been here now for almost 3 weeks and believe me, I have fallen in love with the place. The late evening cycling to the lake shore and those early morning sun beams that hit my face and wake me up. Even the friends I got here just adds up to the tally. To add , the classes I attend seems to be teaching me a lot new things , it seems to be moulding out a better perspective about life in me, the CATWOE model being one among them.

Nature too has indeed taken pain in refreshing me with some old lessons that I feel I have put in those old back stacks of my mind. The other day I saw an insect/bug trying to climb out of a wash basin. I kept watching it and it was just slipping down each time it tried to climb up. The next morning, the scene was the same. The next day, the next morning, again the bug was fighting its way off the basin. That evening, I saw it out of the basin and lying near to the mirror. Over 45 hours of strenuous battle and it had finally succeeded to make it, most importantly touched that zenith of satisfaction about which we always perceive and feel , probably projecting the intensity of the feel that one would get once you find yourself satisfied. I doubt if any human being ever has been lucky enough to touch that level of satisfaction. We always keep raising our bars which in no way is bad, but the only problem being we are never satisfied even till our last breadth.

I guess am pumping in too much nonsense or matter of eccentricity, maybe this beautiful place is injecting me with a narcotic like thing. I am happy that I have finally put in a verbal acrobatics over here after a long time and swept off the dust from my blog world, even my mind was clogged off with work n stuff, but now I feel to have broken the shackles and started feeling the air of feeling what I term 'happiness'. Do expect more bit n pieces of eccentricity soon.


Dhips said...

Ivan ee ezhuthiyekkunnathu full thallaanu.Pinne, classes teach new things polum.Athinu avan classil orikkalum kannu thurakkaareyilla.

Confu$ed GeM!ni said...

gr8 to hear tat ur enjoying der.... sounds like haven

Anonymous said...

hey ur words sounds so fresh..can understand the happiness u feel thr..good yaar..always luv to read more ..keep on writing..

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