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July 13, 2009

My loved one

Its been a fascinating experience to walk with her, never before I have felt or in fact tried to feel that I indeed loved her a lot. Whenever she made her presence feel, I used to stay away from her, I had a sort of inertia that I never wanted to face her. But now when for the first time, she touched me with my full consent, the feeling is beyond words. I repent for I have never tried to appreciate her beauty , her love before.

I still remember those days when I used to swear at her coz she made me feel uncomfortable. She was always posing danger at my zone of comfort. But now she makes that zone of comfort for me. Now when she knocks at my door, I do find time forher. I don't prefer an umbrella coz I feel her love when she drenches me.

I have always been that lazy lad who pulls up his blanket when she is showering her love and I was contented looking at her through the window. At school, I hated her many a time coz she snatched off many of my games periods, the consequence of her presence was evident as patches of brown and peripheral colors on my school wear. My mom hated it and so I hated her. But now after watching her for 22 years through my window, I knew I was missing something all these years. I would always cherish this moment when me and my friends decided to go for a round with our bicycles in our campus and she came running down at us, first in sprinkles and then lots and lots of sprinkles. I wanted to drive fast, but my legs hesitated and maybe I was to experience something that I never did before.

For the first time I knew what it means to feel her in me. People say you know the value of a person only when he/she is off your vicinity zone. She has been around for so many years and I never bothered to acknowledge her presence, even if I did, I did with loads of intimidation and disgust. But now there is a phase shift of 180 degrees. Till the moment I left her and got under a roof, I never felt that I was getting wet. What is wetness when there is nothing dry around. Everything was fresh, the trees, the roads, and that lovely smell from the soil. I did hear that she loves Pune a lot and she puts in a lovely face here frequently like she does at my native. Never before did I ever appreciate her beauty, but now am short of words. She is filling my heart with love and lots of happiness. I look at her, to the heavens from where she comes, and whisper,"I love you".

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Hello, your blog is quite interesting and I'd appreciate if ya change its skin as i can't concentrate much on my screen..The black screen is too awful to read, even tho' it looks attractive..