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January 24, 2008

Running out

Its been almost more than a fortnight that I have written something over here,I think I am caught with some sort of inertia that everytime I think to jot down something,but again something pulls me back.But now I feel I must write down something because may be this is my last post of this month and since my semester exams are gonna kick start from next week, I would be off for possible two more weeks.So what was I actually doing all these days,if you ask me if I was studying ,well I was not.Infact trying a bit harder to equip myself to get immersed in the corporate world where I would be entering into after some six or seven months.A few things I feel I have to learn,to be not sensitive,to be not emotional and if possible emotion less and more of a diplomatic strategy in whatever I do(Thats what I have been seeing around).I still feel I have not reasonably improved in "equipping myself with these skills".But again human mind always does tend to be flexible and so too me and I expect to change a bit atleast once I move out to a strange world of diplomacy and professionalism(may be nothing else counts there).But I hope my character doesnt change off completely and that I wont be scrapped off what I am and put myself into a hypocrytic coat.I hope I would still remain installed to my roots and not let the zombie effect of urbanism and its cultural parameters creep into my inner senses.Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst and moreover I am gonna kickstart my preparations for exams.So signin off since running out of time .Please have me in your prayers and thoughts.Have a nice time guys!!


Sruthy said...

Well portrayed thoughts abt Corporate world.100% true. All the bst for your exams and ur future with Corporates....

deeps said...

all teh best for ur exams buddy.....nd i say dont change anything for anything..
tc keep blogin