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January 3, 2008

The best shock absorber

When I was in third standard,I used to hate my english teacher because she always used to scold me for my bad handwriting.Now after near about 14 years,when someone asks me if I still hate her, you would expect me to cherish those memories with smile and I do cherish them with a heartfull elation.I am not here to mention the my rivalry with the english ma'am,but the ability of time,infact of the human mind to forgive any wrongs done or heal the wounds with time passes on.Now hatred of 3rd standard boy is a mere silly thing for a 22 year old same guy.

I have had some of the very painful experiences and I do remember me having sobbed all the time over and hatred growing in my mind for the injustice done against me,but now when I think about those instances,I really feel surprised at the change of emotional fluctuations that I have had,I see a more stable self which no more thinks it with hatred or sadness.The time has infact helped me to absorb those shocks and now I just take those things as part of my life and not to forget the lessons that those things have taught me.Infact time is the best shock absorber,most of the people do get their pain and sadness healed as time passes on and this is something that I really feels as a bliss given to the man by god.As time goes on the maturity that our emotions attain to overcome shocks is beyond any logic or control.(If there is one it is only that irrespective of whatever happens,we are made to live further and we continue living)Well there is no pain that time cant heal,if there is any,well nothing else can heal it.

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