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December 31, 2007

Minutes to Midnight

Another dusk has come,just minutes away from getting in to another day.A new dawn where your calenders change and more over a reason for an uprisal of new hopes.Its another year just minutes away and as always this time I feel a bit too much attached to the present year.This year has indeed been a mixed one for me,but infact a more positive one and many things to cheer to.Also I have had many important lessons from various incidents and experiences in life.I hope I will learn atleast this times.While having a introspection of the gone events,I really wonderhow I could overcome some instances that I never hoped to happen.Now I understand,there are things that run beyond our control,even our mind is desined to overcome the most horrible events that we would think we can never face.Life do flip phases in moments and at times you remain mere spectator and at times you prefe to remain so.Another year passing away,earth is getting one more year older,my seconds remaining in this earth being decremented,I am getting matured atleast in age and then again turning out into new world sooner from being in a college atmosphere to corporate culture.Time passes,days run off and still I feel there are things I missed out;but never mind another year in the making,new hopes mushrooming up and people talking about resolutions and again putting myself deep into this new year celebrations eventhough I stil feel so lonely and alone.Lets celebrate the final minutes to midnight of this year and welcome another year with hopes and aspirations.

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