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June 5, 2008

Sin (continued)

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"TRRRRIIiiiinnnnggg", I always hated this bloody barking of my alarm clock, but I had no choice other than to wake up. It was already 7 in the morning. Its too intimidating to get up in the morning and move to office after two days of joyous weekend. This weekend was extremely good, a lot of partying, outing with friends and ofcourse Riya did miss me a lot; the frequency of her miss calls were just a bit thicker than a thin line. Even I was eager to meet her, I too missed her a lot.

At office right at 9'o clock, she was there at her desk. She gave me a rise smile when I passed across to my desk. I loved her smile. As expected, she came to me after 5 minutes; we were at the same project team and so we could easily find excuses to be together. She enquired about my weekend, I asked about how she spend the days.
" Hmm it was a kinda ok, I went to my husband's home, went to meet his parents and family".She replied.
"SO you must have had a great time", I said.
"Not exactly, I have always found it hard to adjust with them, I don't know if its my fault or their's, but whatever , it wasn't that great", her face turned pale as she spoke.
I just changed the topic and finally we got busy with our work.

Days went by, weeks went by and with every moment passing by, I was getting close to her. Now probably I had known much about her, may be more than her husband would ever know. The feeling within me was getting thicker with every tick of a second, I wanted her in my life.Even her eyes mirrored the same feeling, she wanted someone to share her feelings, may be more than a friend. Our relation was no longer a friendship, may be beyond that, its not a mere infatuation that I have for her, but an eternal desire for the binding of two souls who were left stranded in the junk of society and life.

Now my aim was getting transformed. It was not just about loving her, but getting her away from her husband. Of course, my presence and our closeness was helping the cause, but I needed a stronger catalyst to fasten up the process.I don't know if I am doing a Sin, but I love to follow my heart and my heart says, " Go, get her".

Another weekend was on the verge, we got off early from the office and planned to spent the evening together. I had a plan for a movie, but time wouldn't entertain the choice, so we preferred to move to park. We walked along the lanes chit chatting and finally to a nearby coffee shop.

We ordered coffee and I started talking about her husband. She never liked talking about him and I loved her hatred for him.
" He never cares for me, he is so workaholic, he needs his lap and nothing else. Its been almost an year now that we are married, he never thought of taking me out, atleast a movie, my life is being wasted with him", she was getting furious.

"But he is your life partner, so probably you need to adjust", I said ,but I hoped it not to happen.

"A partner is not just made on bed, you expect a lot more care and love, you expect to know each other, I was so depressed with these thoughts , but now you seem to be my lone consolation, I am really done by your care and feelings for me, I wish if I had a husband like you", she gasped.

I wish if she had rephrased the sentence as "if you were my husband", but I knew I was getting close.
She came close to me and whispered. " I treasure your presence a lot, be there with me".
I took her hands reassuringly, looked into her eyes and said, "I promise , I will be there for you".

The stage was set, everything seemed to be working in my favour, I had almost made the entry into her heart, but against the run of play, the next scene spoiled the plot, a scene similar to one I had seen in a movie or in a book I had read off late, but whatever , I never wanted it to happen, but it was inevitable, it was coming.

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Aslam's World said...

wonderful work of fiction...
but according to me its a pure sin.

put yourself in place of her husband and think..u will realise the sin u r committing...

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

nice job...ya aslam said if u put urselves in her husband's place it is a sin...but her husband is also a sinner...Marrying does not mean to sleep together on the bed but there is more to it..And there is nothing wrong to give comforts or care for a woman who needs it..but "using" her would be even bigger sin

Saheer Kumble said...

an emotional drive along the highway of love and loneliness.. worthy read again.. readin d next part