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June 13, 2008

Stephen part-1

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All aren't lucky when it comes to the state of being loved, but he was very lucky, probably the luckiest. Gracy was as soft as a feather to him and David never ever had a raised eyebrow at him. Too much love at times creates a spoilt brat and here too, the situation wasn't different. Stephen was getting too much pampered, his naughtiness was, exceeding all limits, but Gracy and David preferred silence, their silence was his license.

When he was 5, he was put in a neighboring school. First day, Gracy had to sit with him in the school, but soon he got accustomed with the school culture. His mischievous attitude made him the most notorious student in the class. The frequency of complaints against Stephen kept aggravating and it was time for his parents to set things right. Soon Gracy picked up her new role, that of a task master. She hoped he would improve if she would become or atleast pretend to be strict, but probably he was going the other way.At the sudden transformation of Gracy, Stephen was surprised, she was never like this, he was always mischievous and she had no much problems earlier, but now she seems to bother a lot.

Stephen was getting more and more intimidated and his behavior was intimidating Gracy, it was an intimidating loop and both felt the heat.Stephen had now completed his first decade on earth. A big party was thrown out for him and his friends, but there was still a part of sting within him that was bothering him. He was finding his mom unbearable coz of her strictness. But it never meant that she was always rude to him, she criticised his mistakes, tried to put him in right track, but at times had to force the issue. She wanted him to be a good boy, a smart one and probably the best among the lot.

But as always, people prioritize and signify one small bad incident over thousand good ones.He never understood her intentions, he didn't understand her love for him, he had spent over 10 years on the globe, but still didn't learn his basic lesson, he never understood his mother.

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