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June 30, 2008

From "List" to person

Today is special for me on account of many reasons. First of all, today at 11 am ,nearly after 8 years, I began reading an English novel ( I don't understand why I had this hatred of novels that alienated me from fictional works). But more important was that today, I saw the best movie I have seen till date, "Schindler's List", a 184 minute long epic. Each moment, each frame of the movie was powerful enough to captivate one's mind and I wasn't an exception. I had felt Speilberg magic with "Saving private ryan", but this experience is beyond words.

Set on the background of NAZI invasion of Poland during Second World War, the story moves through the life of a German businessman and his efforts to save Jews in Poland from the holocaust. Technical aspect of the movie deserves a perfect 10, the movie keeps its flow throughout and the screenplay is powerful which is very well supported by excellent performance on screen. Its a perfect movie by my standards and I wonder why it remains 6th in IMDB ratings when it should be holding the top position.

After watching the movie, I just went through various reviews and different perspectives about the movie and was stunned to know it was a movie based on a real person. That's when I went through various articles about that person and came to know about Oskar Schindler who spent all his money to save 1100 Jews from death and created a new generation of so called "Schindler Jews". He was an unsuccessful businessman, but a philanthropist and his life is an example of how a business minded person transforms into a philanthropist. The movie perfectly portrays Schindler's character and is a tribute to lacs of Jews who had been killed in various concentration camps and also to the man who turned out to be a Saviour of 1000s of Jews in Poland who were rescued from the holocaust. The movie is a treat to eyes that deserves to be recorded in our hearts forever.


Selerines said...

Keep in touch with Selerines World friend.... Why so much gap?


Sorry for not commenting for more than 20 days.... i was busy with my semester exams on all these days... so don't mistake me... here after i will comment in your blog frequently...

thatoneblogger said...

Good movie. I love your blog by the way lol.

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