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June 4, 2008


This is a story made out of pure imagination and any compatibility with anyone's life or true incident is nothing but coincidence and any hard feelings coz of it is deeply regretted.

Its been five years now that I have entered into my professional career, to be specific my job, a hectic and horrible life at times, but somehow I have managed to exist through tough times. Now this is my second switch to a new firm, probably once you are in this field, your commitment is just on your career and money, commitment to the firm comes next. Its been almost a month now that I have joined this new firm. Its really awesome, the environment is cool and friendly, out here, I don't feel the choking irritability of working all the time.

I have got a new friend Riya, she is very friendly and even though its just been days that we have got to know each other, she has already become my good friend, if not more. I have had this luck of getting some gorgeous people close to me in the past, even this time I was lucky. With every day passing by , I got very close to her. Luckily she was in my project team and everyday ,we got off from our office together, and mostly I used to drop her at home.

Riya was from Delhi, she was born and bought up in the city and was very much familiar to the city habits. She was married , probably a disheartening fact, but I had no other way than accepting it. I was probably culturing the idea of having a new girl friend, but the thing just didnt go my way. A girl friendless life is more like a movie without substance.

It was a Friday and we thought of having a coffee together after the work. It was a beautiful dusk and we moved onto Cafe coffee day and got ourselves placed on a table. I knew it was my chance of getting into her personal life a bit and I dont miss many chances. I started off asking about her parents , then onto her college life and finally about her husband. She was married seven months back and from her voidity of expressions, I guessed she was not happy with her husband, but she was not another desperate wife. She was only seeking a good friendship from me ,but I think I was looking for more.
"So how was your marriage, love or engaged?", I asked, sipping my coffee.
" Oh it was fixed, I was just not ready for it, but my family wanted me to marry and I had no choice", she replied. She answered a lot more than what I was ecpecting.
"Anyway its good ,you are settled now", i said.
"hehe what do you mean by that, everything seems fine from outside the window", she replied with a sarcastic smile.
"So you mean , you are not..", I paused.
She gave a glance ,a sharp one, so I preferred not to complete my statement,she knew what I was trying to ask, she didn't want me to.
"oh sorry" I put in a humble face.
"Its ok ", she gave a deadly smile and continued sipping her coffee.
We continued our coffee, I felt I was just forcing the issue a bit too much than I should, probably I should take time,I had a weekend to plan out my next move. Now I was gaining in confidence that I would win her heart, may be I am over confident. I don't know if its right to bang into a married woman's life or atleast trying to do so, I don't know if lam doing a Sin, but I prefer to go by my heart.

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Shantharam Shenoy K said...

hey...nice one...longing to read put the rest soon...

E-Tavasi said...

yes yes... must have confident.. you will win her heart.. over confident is good also.. hehehe (^_^) nice story

Craig said...

It is an interesting story. IF it is a true stroy, I have to counsel you to leave the woman alone. I am not saying it will be easy because now your heart and emotions are involved. You must not let them rule you, but you must rule your emotions and actions. There is nothing but pain coming down the road you are thinking of traveling. A little pleasure. But eventually, for one or all involved the pain will be far more than the pleasure. Let her go. You must. That is love. Putting another person's best interest before our own. Even if it hurts.

Arun said...

The story is something delicate and rare for a normal person's life. In story you are free to twist the endings but in reality your life will get screwed up as u become more and more crazy about her. I guess your turning point shall clueless like the previous story leaving us back with a thoughtful smile.

uk said...

No matter how it may seem, leave her and you are probably going to end up with someone better! =) The passion/pain relationships are more suffering than pleasure!

Saheer Kumble said...

a story made very much in line with the current trend in the society.. married ones (mostly arranged marrag) find it hard to get along wid each other thes days.. and divorces r on top gear mode.. good one.. set to read d next part..