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July 31, 2008

3 blogs I love

Hello guys this is a post I would like to use to get you know about three wonderful blogs I have seen around.

1.Amyoops- this is one of the unique because it focuses on a very simple topic, but yet captures every bit of it in a very wonderful manner, a must read for those who love fun and enjoy every bit of life. Especially the photographs, they are mind blowing.

2.The Red Devilz- Are you a Man U fan?, then this is the best choice for you; the hardcore red of the blog tells you how much he loves football and the club. You can get all wallpapers on Man U , fixtures, and whatever you wanna know about your team. I just love the way he covers all news about Man U and puts it over there, this one is worth more than a look.

3.Acoustic guitar player- Are you a music lover,? well, who doesn't love music. This is a blog all about guitars, different notes, notations and whatever resource you would need on the above subject. I am attracted to this blog because of its sheer simplicity and his true commitment to get his readers to know about guitars and also his eagerness to know what his reader expects from his blog.Hats off man for this wonderful blog.

I would love to suggest these three sites for "abr" blog awards


Shantharam Shenoy K said...

da i have nominated you for the ABR Awards.
here is the link

cheths said...

posted a review of ur site in my blog

do comment back on my topic.