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July 22, 2008


Will Smith has always had the charisma that has led his movies into box office rockers, probably many a time, his presence merely outplays the screen play and direction and in case of Hancock, I am sure, this is the only factor that has turned the movie into a super hit.

The way the movie began, was awesome and I was expecting a hell lot in the later stages, but it seemed the director didn't have much to do with his super hero as he was too powerful that the movie even lacked a competitive villain . The movie started with the spotlight into the miserable life of a hated superhero, it started so realistically good and seemed to be moving well, but all of a sudden, the movie twists into a new dimension (I still dont understand what was the need) that really bored a hell lot. Overall,Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman were awesome, Will Smith did entertain the audience, but what could have been a superb movie died off in an awful manner. The screen play lacked the flow and also lacked the ability to sustain the hopes that was generated in the initial scenes . I would suggest you watch the first 55 minutes and move off the theater, this would have a better effect than watching the whole movie.

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