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July 28, 2008

The Machinist

Christian Bale has been one of my favourite actors since I saw his "cult" movie "Equilibrium". I could follow his acting skills by his performance in "The Prestige"(2006), but his dedication to give the utmost perfection to his characters was what I could know from his movie "The machinist". As a spectator, there is a high chance that you would get in a dilemma after watching the movie, the dilemma is which among the two happens to be the best, is it his acting in the movie or his dedication to the character.

The movie is a psycho thriller that glues you to your seats, coz of the powerful screenplay, the movie is backed with and the intriguing performance by Christian Bale. He cut down his weight by 28 kilograms to transform his physique to what his character had demanded, this is more than a proof for his dedication. As far as his acting goes, you need to watch the movie as he presents the mentally disturbed and insomniac protagonist in the most perfect manner one can ever imagine. The only negative factor might turn out to be the pace of the movie that appears a bit slow, but this happens to be the right pace to express the whole story in a powerful manner. A perfect ten for the performance, screen play and direction of this movie. This movie would surely be loved by everyone who love psycho thrillers.

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Arun said...

I am gonna watch it!