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July 1, 2008

Stephen part-3

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The unexpected always paralyses human thoughts and actions, only its tenure varies from person to person. Gracy was melting in front of a simple, but an unanswerable question, but she pulled herself up and replied, "No my dear, who told you these things, you are our very own son and how can you be an orphan then". She grabbed him closer to her and hugged him. She was probably in tears, and Stephen felt guilty for putting in such a question. She kissed him on forehead and asked him to lie down. She covered him with his blanket, switched off the lights and moved off. Stephen's doubt was cleared, he hoped not to entertain any such thoughts in future.

Next day, as usual he got ready and moved to school in time, but he wasn't very happy, his mom seemed to be very tired. She was probably sinking , but he didn't know the reason. He didn't ask her too. He was disturbed throughout his school session and was eager to get back. As soon as he got back, he threw his bag off and ran to kitchen shouting "mom...". Gracy seemed to be fine now, also he was happy to see a smiling face of her's that bettered his mood.
"Helloo Steve, how was the day at school?", she hugged him and enquired.
"Fine mom", he replied with a smile, he was no longer feeling any sort of discomfort with his mother.
"You know what Steve, I am gonna give you a gift, a gift for you to play with and care, a small baby for you", Gracy's words clearly indicated the elation that she was possessing at that moment.
Stephen was confused a bit, but soon he grasped the sense of what she said, but he didn't know how to react, he hugged her tightly. She didn't speak anything, but preferred caressing her hands through Stephen's hair, this was something he liked a lot.

At the night, dad came in with lots of sweets and confectioneries. Stephen knew the reason and he was wondering," if he is so happy at his second baby, what must have been his reaction while I was due". David grabbed Stephen and lifted him , kissed him on his cheeks, hugged him ; Stephen was being attacked with love, he had never seen his father run out of rails like this.

He hugged Gracy and said," Finally, we have our child". Probably he had overspoken, his words could turn out to be a crucial point later, but his jubilation had cut loose his senses. He was extremely happy, extremities could prove fatal. Everything was fine except those words from David, Stephen soon pulled himself to his world of thought. He replayed what his father told, once, twice, thrice." What does he mean by what he said, finally we have a child. I am their child, it seemed as if they are having a baby for the first time. But mom told me I am not an orphan, or is that mom lied to me. What might have dad meant by this..." His thoughts were running the same script and scenes again and again.

They had a royal supper, probably the best he ever had in his life; even his birthday party wasn't as great as this, the only difference being only three persons enjoyed this day while there were more than a dozen on that day. Stephen soon went to his bed. He felt something was clogging around his throat. It wasn't the chicken that he had half an hour back, nor any sort of cough or cold.His feeling of soreness was much due to what he was cooking up in his mind. He was back to his wild junk thoughts again,"why did dad say so, did mom lie to me..."He kept thinking, thinking, thinking and finally fell into the deep world of sleep.

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