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July 30, 2008

More than a mere pursuit

Thomas Jefferson had mentioned about the liberty to live and the pursuit for happiness in the declaration of independence, probably he envisaged there could only be pursuit to happiness and no real happiness as itself. I prefer to disagree coz I do feel the happiness out of satisfaction( it might seem to be a strange derivation) of watching one of the most,in fact the best beautiful movie I have ever seen, "The pursuit of Happyness".

Will Smith inacts the role of protagonist Chris Gardner who finds it hard to survive and the movie revolves around his endeavor to find a better life for him and his son. The best out of Will Smith has come in this movie and his performance just steals the show.I would rate it as the best movie I have seen till date along with Schindler's List and Equilibrium, but the movie differs from these in almost all aspects. The movie is not a sci-fi, there is no technical gimmicks,this isn't a high profile suspense thriller,it scores coz this is a story of man and his fights with destiny to exist, to carve out a niche for him and his son. The movie is splendid because it isn't a movie, its pure unadulterated life that has been successfully portrayed and presented. It has a slight similarity with Schindler's List due to the fact that the movie is based on a true person and incidents and you have no way other than to stand and applaud, the man's determination and the onscreen incarnation of the same by Will Smith. A treat to eyes, a treat to heart and it reminds us, the elements of a "Born with silver spoon " generation that life isn't the same for all.A whole hearted thanks to all behind the movie for having made such a wonderful masterpiece and I feel privileged to have watched it.

The real Chris Gardner appears as the man who walks past Chris and Christopher at the end of the movie.


Arun said...

I love it too. Really touches u deep.

cheths said...

neat blog bro, nice review of the movie. I personally watched it many a times.

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