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April 16, 2008


Its too late to post a review on this movie,but I just couldnt resist.Everyone knows Mel Gibson is a good actor,but now when it comes to direction,probably I feel he surpasses his acting skills Apocalypto doesnt have an understandable dialect,you get to know the dialogues only if you have the subtitles.But certain movies are beyond dialogues,the feel the movie creates says it all and unquestionably this movie stands tall in the elite list of such awesome works.

The very first scene where the video lens zooms
in to the bushes is just a beginning of the directorial excellence ,that was reflected through out the movie, of one of the finest actors of our times.What really fascinated me was there wasnt any unnecessary background hiphops,every frame was much like a painting in the canvas.The movie starts with the life of one of the tribes residing somewhere in Latin America.The men and women of the tribe are captured by the soldiers of Mayan kingdom.They are taken to the capital of the kingdom.The women are sold in the markets where as men are chopped off their heads as a sacrifice to the Gods.The rest of the movie deals with the escape of a person from the capital back to his village and his struggle during his venture.

You can rarely see a better portrayal of running away from death.It was the never give up attitude of the hero that steals the show.The scenes were really down to earth and very realistic even though it appeared raw at times.But the movie justified all its elements and it was an awesome experience watching this beautiful movie.I would suggest you to watch this movie or else I bet you are missing one of the best.

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Shantharam Shenoy K said...

well i have nt watched the movie yet..but after reading this i feel i have to...