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April 19, 2008

Screwed up

I had heard about the inconvenience one has to face during curfew,but hearing and knowing happens to be far different from experiencing.Its ridiculous to remain at homes and cant even be on the roads.I heard my neighbor say that he was asked to run back to home when he was just out to road to buy something.Its something like an emergency situation here.No shops,no vehicles,cant be out of homes.Its nothing but suffocation that I feel out here.I cant move to my friends home,they cant come here.Its all the result of clashes,I dont know if its political or communal,but what I know is nobody is happy with whats going around.Its all tense situation,none is able to get out of the homes,infact fear is something that I see everywhere.We are running out of food stuffs at homes and even if we need to buy,we have no shops,no vehicles to get it form other place,nothing.This place is turning into a hell.Its almost a week and still there is no improvement in the condition. Hope everything gets back to normalcy soon,what else can we do!!!

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