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April 30, 2008

Roll no 39

The last day of April,the severity of heat and the dumbness of environment;everything was the same as always.But today it was special,almost ninety percent of my classmates were there to attend the class.It was our last class,the last day at our classroom.So the feel had to be different and it was.The class almost spanned for one hour before which we had a sessional test.After the class,it was the time for calling out our attendance.This was for the last time we would ever shout off our numbers and even I did in a louder voice,"roll no 39".

Now again,no more classrooms in life,no more proxies,no more bunking class. Everything ends here and possibly we have put the final full stop to our college classes. Now its time for gearing up for final exams,projects and stuff. As every person who leaves out of college feels,I too would miss my college.My tag of roll no 39 is taken off from me.The inevitable dusk has finally arrived.


Arun Kumar said... would be really weighing hard on you..but..prepare for the future surprises ...n expect the best..

sharanya said...

now we realized wat is mean by college life....................