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April 9, 2008

Crucification- second part

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Agony and anxiety had kept us awake the whole night.We were sure that there would be a police visit to the hostel and we were accustomed with that.They would ask us to gather in the corridor and some usual questions.Even they knew very well we were in no way responsible for any gang war issues,but it has become a custom for them to come and terrify us for someone else's pranks.This time it was a bit different,we happen to be a witness of something we shouldnt have witnessed,but as far as it was within us,there was no call for troubles.

It was around 8 in the morning when the police jeep arrived.It was the same old inspector who always had the privilege to be in our hostel atleast once a month.This time since many of us were to the movie last day night,he had more of a chance to graze over us.As usual we gathered in the corridor.This time we had reason to worry.Before he talked anything he took out a plastic bag and I could see a Maxima watch with a gold plated strap with in the transparent bag.He put it in front of us and asked,"Who ever is the owner of this,do come forward".Many of the hostelites looked at me as they knew it was mine.Yes it was my watch,I had lost it somehow and I was sure it was going to cost me dearly. I put a step forward and said with a half clogged voice,"Its mine".There were no further questions.I was asked to be taken in the police jeep.I wanted to speak out something,but I was frozen and I had ran out of voice.I was taken into the custody with regard to the murder as a suspect. I know I hadnt killed anyone.But my watch happens to be the key factor against me.There was a strong voice within me that wanted me to shout what actually had happened,but I felt that it could put me in more troubles. In the initial questioning session,I preferred to keep my answers short in yes and no,even I wasnt troubled much.But the second time,there was a transformation in the scenario, the inspector was no angel and I was knowing with every moment passing by, this time I couldnt resist,before it would get worse,I spoke out what I witnessed and what really had happened. I had a sigh of relief.

The relief didnt stay longer.With a raised eyebrow, he said"so you expect us to believe this, we are giving you a bit more time,tell the truth or else we know how to do it".He just went off. Almost by evening my dad came on along with an advocate. His face didnt need an explanation,confused,perplexed,worried.He seemed to be sinking at heart .I thought my father knew well to hide his emotions,but this time he was running out of shade.While the advocate was on a heated discussion with the inspector,dad came over to me."Dont worry Nothing will happen,you will be safe".His words meant consolation,but his expression displayed the worries.I told him,"I did nothing". He said" I know ".He wasnt in a position to talk more. I wasnt given the bail,it was a saturday and now I had to wait till Monday to get the bail from the court.I was sure I would get the bail.

It was a black sunday which went eventless.Monday morning,I got up early and I was counting seconds to my freedom.I was taken to court around almost 10 .It was almost around 11 am when my case was taken up.First time in the court room,Just a similar environment I saw in the movies,but this time I was the suspect and I felt the whole world looking at me as if I had done the sin.Even I could see my best friend sitting among the people.I smiled at him,but he turned face.The face of rejection is always painful and when it comes from someone who is very close to you,you find the pain of tranquility creeping around you.I didnt expect any complications regarding my case,the bail was just minutes away.But always fate loved to put twists in my way.The prosecution counsel requested the court to allow me to be taken on remand so that there is no hindrance to the investigations.He carried on "Me lord,this guy is a strong suspect under the situation and condition he was found, his watch was found out from near the body,also from his hostel room,his blood stained shirt have been taken in. His explanation regarding the incident lacks transparency.If he is just a witness,he should have either reported at the police station or shouldnt have been hanging around there.Its ridiculous to believe that he took off the knife from the body when he himself has admitted that he was shocked by what was happening around him.So I request you not to grant him bail as it can seriously hamper the investigation process".

I wondered what was wrong with him,I could see my transformation from suspect to murderer.His verbal acrobatics seemed to be working against me.He said,"Me lord,even his best friend is not sure if he has clean hands in this issue."He was called on for explanation.The prosecution asked him,"Explain what happened that night?".His explanation went well until I found something wrong.He said,"While I was running off,I just couldnt sight him anywhere,I placed my motor cycle at a house since I was not in a position to carry it down to hostel,then I went searching for him.I found him drenched in blood,he seemed worried and was sweating,I asked what was going on,he kept mum caught my hand,pulled me on and we ran back to hostel".
"So what do you think ,do you agree that your friend is innocent",asked the lawyer.
"I dont know"This was his reply.

I felt a relation that ran over one and half decades seemed to have developed cracks in it.I didnt know that he dont know what happened.I didnt know that he didnt know me.I dont know whats gone wrong.The only thing I know is my trust in now in waters.My best friend has twisted my destiny.My lawyer tried his best,but all fell in vain.My mom's tears,my dad's struggle,my lawyer's hardwork and moreover my wish to be free failed to my friend's words.I was rejected bail.I was taken back to the police jeep.My next 14 days would be in the jail.I could see my mom crying,I had nothing to tell her;I could see my friend moving off in his car.I sat at the police jeep.The jeep moved on.It was taking me away from my parents,from the people I love, from happiness that once carpeted my floor.I was to join a new world ,a new world of tranquility and suffering,of rejection and humility.But it doesnt matter now.May be I would be jailed for years,may be I would be hanged,but my crucification is already done.

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