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April 26, 2008

Saving private ryan

A 1998 classic by Stephen Speilberg that I watched last week.I have to say that am a lucky soul to watch this movie,one of the best I have ever seen in my life.The technical class and perfection of Speilberg movies are ,beyond doubt , marvelous. So even in this movie,that Speilberg class is quite evident . But what makes this movie a very superb one is the way the emotional flow is handled through out the movie.

Its a movie based on the world war 2 and the movie begins with the Normandy invasion. The first 20 minutes is what you have to watch out.I bet you would never ever see a better war scene than this ever in the history of Hollywood. Even inspite of 10 years of its release, no other movie has surpassed the war skills shown in the movie. Tom Hanks as ever is at his best. He is the leader of the group whose mission is to find Ryan a soldier fighting somewhere in France and take him back to his homeland. I remember only one scene in the movie where Tom Hanks weeps and I bet no other actor could perform better. All credits to Speilberg for creating a wonderful movie thats filled with technical class and emotional moments. Next time,do watch this movie before watching any other movie and you will be having the most memorable 2hrs and 41 min of your life.

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Arun said...

You r right man. I usually hate war movies, but I really liked the story of this one.