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May 6, 2008

Defining religion

(This is an article I published in Associated content 8 months back and I thought I would share it with you)
It is said God created men ,he created religion and he recreated Gods ,seems strange but when we closely analyze the present scenario this seems to be the fact.The preachers of all religions have defined religion as a way of thought,action and vision that would finally take one to eternal truth and wisdom called God.But do you think is that what we see in the present world? Were the religions made for acting as a catalyst to communal tensions and emotional vibrancy over regional spirit? well I really doubt it.

Here let us try to redefine the word RELIGION and find a true meaning to it.Religion can never be defined by, but is experienced and felt by.It is a way of life which leads a human being to live a peaceful and moreover a meaningful life.All religions might have different customaries ,different ways of worship and infact different ideologies, but these are all like different rivers that fall into the ocean finally where there is no water of specific river ,its all one;similarly all religions through different channels finally take you to the single god ,some call it God, some call it Bhagwan whereas some call it Allah.Its the same God that we all worship,its the same truth that we all finally arrive at .But still......

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Jamsheed said...

U said all religion are like rivers flowing towards common ocean..if u mean god as common ocean...then y it have these many paths.... y this paths are with this much varience,some say if u accept Allah and last prophet n all prophet before and do good deeds u will be heaven...some say if u beleive jesus as son of god,n as he came to shoulder all sins the people do here after, u will be in heaven...n some says if u do good deeds u will be in heaven...which is correct...dont u smell some thing wrong in having this much varience of thoughts.dont u smell some thing went wrong in making of religions and lastly converging all this religion to one does create only new religion wll never solve the prblm stmt " meaning of life "

Mohamed Taher said...

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