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May 22, 2008

Another 24 hours (check out the video)

Its been a gloomy day to start with. I expected a bright sunshine to hit over me in the morning,but it was all cloudy and that really did hamper my rising up.A bit too late to get up and sluggish to start with the things, but soon I picked up the pace and this time dashed to the television,switched it on and jumped into a News channel to look out for the results of Champions league final, it was a sad news,Chelsea lose in the penalty shoot out.I think yesterday was not a good day for me in sporty terms. But again I had a serious hope that they would thrash off ManU a revenge for their lose of English premier league title,but now I can only have that revenge in dreams. I was a bit disturbed to see that the fans of both teams clashed at various places, I wonder how it served the purpose of the game.I still dont understand people still show worthless emotional melodrama that doesnt even benefit them.

After the breakfast, I took my books on management and started reading,this time I made sure that I would do serious reading and so didnt get much into surfing even though I was online throughout. But again soon I fell asleep and it was around 1pm that I woke up and knew I wasnt actually reading. I was agitated, but none to be blamed other than me. It was time for lunch and this time,against the conventions that I follow, I thought of studying instead of sleeping.I went through the strategic and tactical management acrobatics , I never liked this subject, but I happen to be choiceless. Once it was evening, I just lied in the bed for half an hour,got up had a bath and then my tea.Thats when I listened to the news and heard about the recent raids in houses of various "Godmans" in my state.I wonder how long this commitment in the issue would be carried out by authorities.Then there was a news where a naval officer and his lover killed a person from film industry,sliced him into 300 pieces and burnt the pieces down.I think may be they are the best butchers you would see around at present.I wonder about their emotional balance while they were doing this clinical act,might be an inspiration from the movie "Equilibrium" where people very well stay emotionless.

Now its almost 7pm and I am writing this note now cause I dont feel there is much more incidents to strike my way today.There is a cricket match left for the night that I would be tracking through net, then the usual stuff of surfing and reading a bit.AH!! I forgot to tell you ,today I heard a very brand new song,infact a video of a song from the album" coffee at mg road".Its a funny hiphop song but I am sure you will enjoy ,it check it out.Meanwhile let me take leave.Another eventless day passing by,but this time no complaints,no issues. Hope you had a nice day and wish you a brighter day ahead.

-Varun Krishna

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