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May 19, 2008

Its too much done

This is the continuation of the post I put just before this.I was talking about the happiness that we were feeling once we knew that our exams are postponed.But now I feel ,for me ,that elation has transformed into the agony once I got the timetable.The exams that were to be over by this month has been stretched off to the end of next month.So that clearly means we would not be finishing our course in time, may be it gets to extend by a month or two.

Now who is to blamed,we have a custom of putting each and every blame on our dear university,may be in the past it might be right or wrong,but this time I would not certainly take that step.But even we students arent to be blamed,we had genuine reason to postpone the exams and we have every right to justify our step.May be its fate or destiny thats pulling our engineering life long.We dont mind that ,but we would certainly be worried about the uncertainty that hangs over our career.Its too late for us to rectify or to be rectified.But whatever is in store we have to face it and we are gearing up for the kill.

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