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May 24, 2008

An inconvenient truth

I hope you are familiar with the title.This was a documentary presented by Mr. Al Gore (the former US presidential candidate) on global warming. Even this post is regarding the same topic.

Today I came across a documentary on this issue in a news channel.It was actually a study based on the effects of global warming in Mumbai. I was really wondering about the ignorance of we people on the catastrophic effects of this menace. Mumbai is actually built on reclamated land and so the effect of global warming would be much severe. Infact the TV program displayed the effect with an example. It mentioned about a sea shore housing apartment which was actually meters away from the sea with a beautiful beach,almost 3-4 years back.But now , the sea is just feets away and there is no beach at all. The sea has taken over the land,one of the un noticed effects of global warming.It is estimated that the sea level would rise by 1 metre by the end of this decade,but its effect has begun to make its presence visible.

The most ridiculous fact is that when people were asked regarding this, some of their replies were," well its after 100 years why should I care?","by that time I would be expired,so I dont think I need to be bothered about it". This not only shows the irresponsibility,but the inertia to accept the fact and do the required.How can we ever create awareness regarding global warming when this is how people respond.

This is basically due to the ignorance that people have in this issue. Infact its not just about the rise in water level,since Mumbai is built over reclamated land and so water encroachment during high tides would be enhanced with time passing by; what happens is that the buildings and apartments at sea shores, especially the basements of these buildings would start to corrode due to salty water of the sea.So once the basements start to corrode, the whole building would come down one day with no pre-indications.The other big change,the climatic irregularities is already visible.
So its time we people be aware of the situation,its not just the people of Mumbai,but the people across the globe need to be aware of this menace. At least now, lets realise the inconvenient truth and gear up to overcome it.


Selerines said...

No one is having the responsibility and interest here... What to do?? Can you send me the link to download that documentary film or atleast to see that video?? Please!!!!1

Etavasi said...

I just don't understand about global warming. It is just a phenomena earth became hot..

Long time ago, when it was Ice Period, at that time there was less human, but the ice also become liquid
at that time no pollution.....

:D Etavasi (^_0)