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May 21, 2008

My day

Its been so long now that I have been thinking of transforming my blog more into a diary where I can put on my each moment of life and share with you,may be I feel this thing being one of my best friends.So I start off, my mission to put each and every instance of my every single day onto my blog.

I dont think I need to put in that I get up at some time brush my teeth and bla bla,I think I should put in more of the novelty that I bring into or possibly I face in my day.So starting off ,got up as usual around 6 am, straight away moved into the system switched on and started my mission of downloading the movies and songs and ofcourse not to forget Linkreferral stuff.Morning was much eventless,the usual south Indian breakfast,a bit brushing through newspaper starting with last page( which ofcourse is the sports page). Then back to my room,took my books as my final sem exams are right near the door.And you would guess that I started reading.I wanted to ,so I logged in back to internet and to the world of my blog, orkut and chatting with my friends.Probably this happens to be the way I study.I dont think I am addicted to internet,but moreover it happens to be something that I breathe every moment,so I am happy to study along with surfing as long as it doesnt end up in a disaster.

It was noon and after having lunch I was back to bed after a "busy working session" in the morning.Around 4pm, I got up and got to the ground near my home where some of us hang around for playing cricket.Its more a get together that we aim in the evenings and this has been a real wonderful time.

I have been a true believer of God, I dont mean to say I am religious or I believe in idols,but I have always believed that there is a super power that controls us,that always save us in troubles even though we might be tested a bit before he finally stretch out his hands.Probably today I got a solution to one of the issues,infact a dilemma that has been howering around me for months now,something for which I never had an answer and whenever I tried to find one,I always ended up putting myself in more of a trap.Now finally he has shown me the way and I am happy with the solution God has given me even though it hurts a bit.But i feel it is better to be hurt now rather than having a hell out later.And finally in the evening it was time for the IPL cricket match. I was happy to see my team perform well,my star and the little master playing a classic innings but all ending in vain with my team losing just by 1 run.

I really cant understand the human thought,infact I dont know if its only me who feels this.Everything in the day went alright except the match result,but I felt so depressed at the end of the match that I happened to be speechless. I felt my whole day went wrong because my team lost the match.I think its high time for me to realise that all neednt be terrible that do not end well. Some days defeat happen to be the order of the day and our victory is to take the positives out of it and move on.But many a time my words never get into action.I hope my team performs well in the next match,they went down fighting and thats the spirit that I take in my life,not that I would wait for a failure and then get into thick of things,but act when am required to.Now am feeling a lot better.Once again, my blogging has helped me to recover out of a quite untimely and wasteful depression.Its about taking things the way it deserves,but the lessons from each moment needs to pump you in for a brighter tomorrow.I look forward for a better tomorrow even though today was never worse.Hope and aspiration being the key and the rest follows.Hope even you had a brighter day.

-Varun Krishna

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Prily said...

Oh Varun, no need for feeling depressed just for losing a game!'s not yet the end of the world. i always feel the same, feel defeated at first, so down and low, but then later on, i will realize and look outside the world that "oh well, i am sad here but still the world never stops!"never will a moment freezes if we are sad(but wecan be sad at times because we are only human)! and yes, blogging is a theraphy!more power blogging,Varun!