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May 30, 2008

Google, is it right??

Google is considered as one of the angels of Internet and even I don't have a different voice. Its one of the most hailed and elite branded firms which holds customer service,satisfaction and innovation upfront better than any other firm.

But now it seems a bit of transformation is taking place, its not that they are becoming completely profit oriented, but now I feel they happen to lacking a bit of transparency in some of their services.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the very best methods to earn money if you have a very good website or blog.But the problem is your site has to be too good if you are to actually gain benefit from it. I mean to say the minimum payout is 100$. Now even if you have a very good website,only very few would be checking out the ads placed on your blog and you cant be guaranteed to reach your payout limit so easily. So actually what happens, Google keeps the money till it reaches the limit and then pays it to you. My friend had joined Adsense almost two years back and he has earned 27$, so what does that mean. Millions of such people might have earned such an amount and Google keeps it without paying any interest.Infact Google would be earning millions of dollars from such balances. There is nothing bad with Google earning money, but it is certainly bad that they are still not reducing limit or atleast giving an option for lesser limit. So what they are actually doing is making branded websites and stuff more richer,the individual websites will probably need to work a hell lot better. I have seen many switch on to BIDVERTISER and other sites which has a payout of $10, atleast people doesnt have to wait for so long.Also I have heard many countries have been removed from the list of affiliate earning( especially Asian countries). I dont think thats the right way to do it. Another big flaw being even if someone randomly clicks on the ads in your sites and creates problems,you are out of the game and you Adsense account is blocked for ever. They have a feature of filing appeals which is a mere mockery. I wonder why are they keeping such a feature when there is no provision for reactivating an account. If you are saying that you have tracker software and stuff,believe me that cannot always stop the menace. Its high time Google must reconsider their Adsense policies.

Page rank

Its been a while now I have seen people, especially bloggers run madly for link exchange, the reason: to get a handsome page rank. That has crept up many new sites,but fortunately Google has strongly acted upon such forged or cooked up links for just rank sake, But has been it been completely successful, well I really doubt it. You can see a hell lot of links to other blogs from each blog and that itself shows the desperation of a blogger. What is more disheartening is Google has decided to drop the page ranks of those blogs who has got sponsored reviews on their blogs, especially the one having a tag "Sponsored by..". I wonder what must be the cause, because it doesnt or infact will not hamper any legal violations or user privacy. If some one terms it spamming, I really dont find any logic since a blog doesnt force you to visit it,its a pull technology; I think users would better judge it a spam or not. Anyways such sponsored reviews are far better than the flashy ads and stuff . I would like to know if Google would drop ranks of the sites who put on sponsored ads from Adsense, if not ,I think it should not do this with sponsored reviews too.

Its a known fact that Google is a leader in web world, but it doesnt mean it has the monopoly over it.Internet is much an open environment and once Google would start forcing its terms, It would surely meet with the fate of many giants who had tried these tricks earlier. I am sure Google would consider this and stick to its motto "DO NO EVIL".


Selerines said...

Hmmm ya you are right.....

E-Tavasi said...

Google adsense is one of the best in money making.. :D in order to get lots of income or one from the master making money complain about Google adsense..minimum payout $100.. You need to learn more skill

suni said...

daa kadapurathuninnu kadalilekku kulukki thuppanoo?

Donna said...

so that means, it is because of sponsored reviews that my page rank went down!

I am soooooo sad! I think I have a problem with adsense, but

I am not certain what it is...or whether it is because I placed AdBrite on my sites. Does Google suspend you if you have AdBrite too? My revenues has been continuously going up the past 3 months since I joined communities.

However, it seems that my earnings froze the past 7 days. What could have happened? I did not receive any suspension advise from google adsense and I have already sent them a query. Since I have not heard from adsense yet, I'd like to know if anyone know what's possibly going on with my ads?

I am so scared I messed up with my links since I remember posting linked reviews from at my blog before this happened.

Right now, I have a very bad ranking at Alexa and I do not have any google ranking!

I must have linked to a pretty bad link farm, and who knows

which one for I am just a newbie here! HELP!!!!

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