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August 13, 2008

The Dark Knight

When a fantasy concept offers more than just what it is meant to be, that is when a good movie is born. When the same concept portrays a reality, you call it a fine movie. The Dark Knight happens to be in the next level, the one which requires a definition. Its a superb treat to the eye, not because of the technical acrobatics or flashy costumes, but because of the stupendous performances from everyone in the crew. You don't see too many movies where a villain stands above a hero not only in power, but in performance too.

Christian Bale is known as one of the greatest performers of this generation, but Heath Ledger surpasses him this time. The Joker is just not a joke, but it makes a joke of the hypocrite side of our society. He doesn't have any special powers, but he exploits the evilness of the society and at times become far more powerful than the hero. This is where the movie scores its points. The movie clearly denotes that a superhero who can fly, hit or do any gimmicks cannot save a society unless and otherwise the society itself wants it to be saved. Finally the movie ends with a clear message to the people on how we bury the evil side of the society and put in a bright mask that speaks only of goodness and creates a feeling that everything is fine underneath. Unquestionably, the best movie of this year and it stands as one among the best in its genre.

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