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August 6, 2008

The foreseen part-4

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"George .. George", The nurse called me softly.
"How is the boy?",I felt I was out from a long sleep, but I certainly remember what had happened.
"Oh he is fine, he just had minor injuries, no fractures or internal injuries;So you can relax now",the nurse replied.
"Where is Jack",I enquired.

"..your friend, he was present till morning; has gone to his home now, would be back soon; your parents had come to see you, your dad is in talk with the doctor", the nurse just briefed me what has been going around.
"How long I have been sleeping"
"Just over 15 hours", the nurse replied.
"What!!!!!!!!",I was shocked.
"Relax, take rest, I shall call the doctor and be back", the nurse went out of the room. My mom came in, I consoled her that I was ok now, dad came along with the doctor. I was sad at the fact that when I should be taking care of my dad, the inverse happens to be the reality.
"So how are you feeling George",doctor asked me.
"I am fine doctor",I replied.
"Lets move to our room George", He gave me a hand to get up, the doctor looked at my parents,"If you don't mind..".
"Sure doctor", my dad replied.

We moved into doctor's room.
He sat in his chair and asked me to get seated.
"So.. do you need some water?",he asked me.
"No I am not thirsty".
"Tell me George whats up with you now a days", he took a pen out of his drawer and held it in his left hand.
"I don't know exactly, but I dream about things, I dream accidents that I could see happening in the very next day", I explained to him.
"So you are saying you foresee things".
"If that's what I mean ,.. yes".
"Ok, let's see what you mean, how many such incidents have occurred", the doctor took a sheet of paper.
"Well , two incidents were the exact copy of my dream and the other one, well everything was set according to my dream, but..", I explained to the doctor the chain of events that had occurred.
"So you are telling time, the second time around, there was no Steve, there was no accident",I could see the doctor had noted down all those words like name, time numbers everything that occurred in my dream.
"You see only accidents?", he asked me.
"Not exactly, but these are the ones I remember, in fact recall well",I replied.
"Do you have any premonition regarding this, I mean to say do you ever get to know or have a notion that you would certainly have a dream tonight?".
"Yes I do, each time I had such dream, that particular night I would have a fever; but not that every time I have fever, I see one; but recently of course, this seems to be the way it happens".
I was feeling comfortable as he was listening to me patiently.

The doctor leaned forward, he dropped his pen on the table and looked at me.
"George,feeling that you saw something that you had seen in a dream is not a new thing. Many people, almost all feel they had seen it in dream when some incidents happen .But most of them feel it only after those incidents happen. So you cannot actually tel if you have actually foreseen or its just a feeling. Our mind just relates the incident with what we feel we have seen in our dream. In few cases, as of yours, people remember what they saw in their dream and recollect it and then relates it with the incident; so that is something extra-ordinary.Now if what you told me is correct, I can tell you, this is the first time, I am coming across such a case.I haven't heard anyone portray a dream clearly and completely as yours, especially those names, numbers..The problem here is I would have to get convinced that you are actually dreaming and not just feeling that you dreamt something. So...", the doctor was looking at me, but he was thinking something at the same time.

"Whats your name buddy?", I heard an older voice outside the room.
"Steve Mack", this came from a gentleman who voiced young.
"Where are you taking me too",the old voice uttered.
"To the fifth floor sir",the reply was polite from the gentleman.
Now I can see both of them passing by, there was a old man seated on a wheel chair and he was pushed through by a stout handsome young man.I just saw what I thought would never happen again.
"Doctor you will have your proof now", I jumped up with enthusiasm.
"What..?", probably the doctor hadn't heard the voices from outside.
"I will be back ...,just wait", I ran out of the room.The old man in the wheel chair and Steve got into the lift, the lift doors close; above the door, on the wall, I can read the number in blue colour, it says "10.
I was shocked,but quick to gather myself back, I dashed to the door, and was hitting it, kicking it,"Anybody please open the door,... pleease", I was crying loud.People around me had no idea what I was doing.
The doctor came running, "George come on relax, we will see to it, come with me".
"You will see to nothing, those people are in trouble those people are in...", I freaked out.
"Its ok relax, come on",doctor consoled me and took me back to the room.
"Doctor, this is the one I thought was incomplete, I had seen this in dream, I can tell you ,you will have an announcement now the lift is jammed up on .. in between some floors, I .. I .. dont remember those floor numbers, but....", I felt I was sinking.
"I really don't understand what's going on", my words spoke out my desperation.
Suddenly the warning bell goes off and the announcement comes out,
"Emergency announcement, Lift number 10 has halted due to technical failure in between 8th and 7th floor, all lifts have been halted till further announcements".
I looked at him,"I told you".
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arun said...

come on man!!!!!!!!

What an excellent one!!!!

Really would like to know the ending!!!!!

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

dude...really awesome..had goosebumps when reading the last this is great...

Nithin said...

Are we seeing a thriller write in the making here? ;-) Keep up the good work, buddy.

Anonymous said...

daa..tat's a gud story..

this is a proof for d existence of a gud storyteller in u..
expectin mre frm u..

waitin 4 new happenings..

Ramya.. said...

hey....nice one....
Eagerly waiting 4 d next part..