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August 7, 2008

The foreseen part-5

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I didn't feel the psychiatrist completely believed me, but he did show patience to hear me. He told me to take it lightly and not to think about the dream the whole time. He wanted me to report to him everytime I had such a dream and if any related incident. Most importantly, he advised me not to panic if any incidents similar to my dream take place. He told me that I can't do anything about the happening and its better I don't try anything stupid. I nodded to whatever he said not because I believed whatever he told, but I hated to hear the word "freak" again. The same evening, I got home and decided to go to Trenton next morning to meet my cousins. I needed a change. I decided to go to sleep early, bid good night to my parents and sister and got to my bed. I felt relieved then coz I had no fever and that meant no dream business.

I see an Amtrak train engine no 2037 out in its shed, no compartments seem to be connected to it.Above the engine, I can see two people working with the pantograph. It seems they are workers doing some maintenance work on the engine. I can see what they are doing, it seems they are attaching some timing device close to the pantograph. One of them sets it and it starts counting down from 2 hours 30 minutes 60 seconds. I have seen similar devices,but those where in movies....

I see a train coming into the platform, as the engine passes off, I can see its number, its 2037. I was about to get into the train, a guy in red shirt dashes and gets in the boggie, our shoulders making a hard contact on the way....

"How long would it take to reach there?", I asks someone.
"A little over fifteen minutes", he replies with a smile...

I opened my eyes, it was 6 in the morning. My sister had kept my bed coffee at the side table. I was wondering, I wasn't supposed to be seeing a dream that night, especially something of this kind . But I had less time to flirt with my thoughts, my train was at 8, I had to get ready.

I was at station in time, I took the ticket and waited at the platform. I could see the train moving in swiftly towards the station.As the engine passes off, I can see its number, its 2037. I was about to get into the train, a guy in red shirt dashes and gets in the boggie, our shoulders making a hard contact on the way. He apologized for the rash movement of his, I said its ok. I was a bit perplexed, I had seen this happening in my dream, but there was one missing link, I didn't see any engine being repaired .Also,I couldn't be sure just by the engine no, its just a number to denote engine specification, many trains can have the engine with the same number.But the red shirt..., I preferred to wait for the next sign. I had been lot talkative earlier, but after these chain of incidents, I hardly talked, this time I thought , I would break the shackles. The guy near me was exactly my opposite in physique, he was fat with plump cheeks and a nice big belly to carry. I initiated the communication. He was pursuing his graduation at Boston and was on his way back to home.
"Where's your house?", I asked him.
"At Old Saybrook",he replied.
"How long would it take to reach there?", these words sprayed out of my mouth.
"A little over fifteen minutes", he replied with a smile.

There wasn't any doubt, these parts were exactly as I had dreamt. I hadn't seen anything further in the dream.I had the signs, it was time for me to act. I quickly got out of my seat, ran to a red button on the left side of the cab, it was the emergency brake. I triggered it and the train came to a stand still within moments, I was thrown a few meters off to front due to the momentum of the train. Soon the conductor and the mobile security team came in. I told them I had triggered the emergency brake.
"Why did you do it?",the security guard asked.
"There is a bomb in the train, I guess", I replied.
There was a small yell from some of the passengers.
"You guess..?",he was staring at me.
"I mean , I am almost sure, there is one in the engine if not more",I replied
"Where exactly in the engine..",he asked me.
"Its on the top, I mean to say , near that thing which touches the electric line, what do you call that hmm...yup pantograph,.. its near the pantograph", I explained.Three of the guards soon moved off to the engine. I sat on my seat and the chief security guard stayed near me. Within few minutes, one of the guards returned and told,
"Sir, he is right, there is an active bomb up there".

Soon the whole train was evacuated and the passengers were moved into a location at a safe distance from the train.The bomb squad came to the location along with the police. All seemed to be standing at the edge of their senses, it was such high tension in the air, only one man felt relieved, victorious, it was me. I had a smile on my face. I knew I had done it, I finally managed to turn around one. The chief security guard went to the Police inspector and they got involved in a discussion. The Chief guard must have told about me, the inspector just had look on me.He came to me with a smile .

"Heloo I am Joseph Augustine ", he extended his hand.
"Hi George Stayen ", I shook hands with him.
The squad continued its search and found no more bombs.
"Thank you very much for giving this information ASAP, we could have been in big trouble otherwise", The inspector told me.
"It was my duty Sir, I am happy I could do it", I replied.
"Anyway I need you to come with me, we need to have more information regarding this, you can help us a lot",The inspector had an official tone in his statement.
"Sure Sir, but I have to move to Trenton and I will be back by afternoon", I told him politely.
"No buddy, we need you now",The voice was a bit sterner this time.

I didn't have the courage to hesitate,I had never been to a police station,but this time,I was sure I will have to be there, I hoped my visit would be of short duration. I moved on with the inspector in a car to the police station. I wasn't worried, there was nothing to worry, I had done something good. What made me more happier was that I no longer worried about my dream, this time it worked in my favour.

"You heard about Homeland Security Act , Mr George?", the inspector asked me.
"I have heard about it , but I am not sure what it is", I replied.
"The HSA is a sweeping anti-terrorism law giving federal law enforcement agencies broad powers to look over citizens and thwart potential attacks on the homeland. So it gives us much power to crack down any anti-social elements",He explained to me.
"Right sir", I listened carefully.
"How did you know the bomb was exactly planted near the pantograph", It was an unexpected question at that juncture,his look was piercing through my skin.
"Sir, I.. , I...I dreamt about this", I was in trouble, I didn't know how to explain the whole thing; even the psychiatrist didn't believe my words completely, how could I expect him to.
"I have foreseen it",For the first time, I felt I meant what exactly I mean by those words.But here,only I knew what it meant.
He gave me a smile, a killer one that assured me that I was not going to have a pleasant session at the police station.I understood why he explained HSA to me.I looked at my watch, the blue strapped TISSOT; this was the one my dad gifted me when I passed graduation with distinction. Among the whole things and people around me, only this one could give me comfort,I told myself, "I am screwed".

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Aslam's World said...

great goin varun....

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

screwed big unexpected twist..seriously, y nt try films dude...gr8 work