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August 7, 2008

Nirmalraja's web blog

I have to say I am quite happy to see a blog that's perfectly clean and neat and its contents well arranged. What differentiates it from other blogs is its sheer look. There is no flash gimmicks, no graphical acrobatics, no ad stuffs and no irritating stuffs. Moreover it doesn't have a blog roll that just flows on and on , it has limited but quality outgoing links, but still manages to have a page rank 4. Now talking about the content, its one of the very good blogs in terms of content. It covers almost all current affairs and its really nice too see one present a matter at his own perspective. The blog is well maintained and the content regularly updated. I have given a lot of introduction, but didn't tell you about the blog am talking. This is Nirmalraja's web blog that I am talking about . I can assure you this blog is worth more than just a single look, do go through its articles and I am sure, you will feel that you have seen one among the best in business.As he correctly puts forth in his words, About my blog, he lives in his blog

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