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August 5, 2008

The foreseen part-3

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(unedited version)
"And what did you do?",Jack asked me.
"What could I do, it was really an awkward situation, I can't explain how I felt, the doctor was angry at me", I replied.
"What about the lift",Jack was eager to know.

"Nothing happened",I replied with a smile.
He couldn't control laughing.
We were on our way to our friend's home , Jack was my classmate at college, we friends had planned a party for the night there.
"So hows your dad now?",Jack asked me crunching two bits of potato chips.
"he is fine, but not completely, doctor has asked him to avoid the morning walks.He needs special care now, he isn't as strong as he was",I pulled up the side glass of the car, I was feeling cold, I was just back from another fever.
"Why are you doing that?", Jack asked.
"I am not feeling that well with these winds slapping on my face, I had a fever last night", I was virtually shivering.
"You frequently get into fever now a days",Jack said.
"Yup ,but it comes with a purpose", I was sure he didn't get my words.
I knew this has become a phenomenon, whenever I have fever, I was sure I am gonna see a dream that would turn me into a freak the next day, that's what people always felt.

This morning it wasn't different, the last night fever was severe, I didn't hope to get up this morning; but I feel the severity of fever meant severity of my dream.I recalled my dream.

"C'mon take this one", It was jack who handed me some chips.
We are traveling in a car.
Dont you think we are going too fast ?", I was worried. He floored the accelerator.
Jack looked at me,"Do you ,well I don't".
"Jackkk on the brakes mannnnnnnnnnnn"

"George.... George..."
"Ohhh yup",I was off my thoughts.
"whats up with you", Jack enquired.
"Everything is fine, drive carefully", My words had a pinch of advise.
"C'mon take this one", Jack gave me some chips.
"Nopes you drive the car, you get me that cover, I will hold it", I stretched my hands to take it from his lap.
"No , its safe out here",Jack said.
"okay but lets go at a moderate speed,Your speed is not entertaining me" ,again, words of wisdom ruled my tongue.
"Sure, my dear dad, thanks for those words,I wonder why you talk like this, any dreams", Jack's hard humor never gave me any comfort.
"C'mon take this one", Jack gave me some chips.
Dont you think we are going too fast ?",I knew what I just said, I knew what would happen next.
"Jackkk on the brakes mannnnnnnnnnnn", I shouted.The brakes screeched and the car came to stand still within moments.
"What crap now, why did you yell?", Jack's words meant serious business.
I didn't look at his face," I am sorry..., it was nothing".
He knew I wasn't feeling good.
"Its ohhkk man, lets move on", Jack started the car and we moved on.
I felt relieved, what I had seen in my dream had happened, now there was nothing to worry
"I think you should see a psychiatrist"
"What", I was just not able to gather his words.
"I was telling you , you should see a psychiatrist, its not that i mean you have some problem, but in case if you have any , lets get it sorted out, I don't want you to behave like a freak anymore".
"could you please stop yelling that word".I started to hate the word "freak" more than the coffee at Sengardes restaurant.
"Relax man", Jack consoled me.
We kept moving on. The road was clear and the speedometer was climbing to its limit , but I wasn't worried, I was rather enjoying it.

"C'mon take this one", Jack gave me some chips.
Suddenly the car jumped on a hump and for moments, it was up in the air as in a Hollywood flick; this time I was uncomfortable.
"Dont u think we are going too fast ?", His legs were planted on the accelerator.
Jack looked at me,"Do you ,well I don't".Jack looked at me and smiled.
I looked on the road, a red balloon followed by a cute boy.
"Jackkk on the brakes mannnnnnnnnnnn"
The balloon flew away, the boy was kicked off atleast some meters away.Jack quickly moved off the car and ran to the boy.I sat still, firm on my seat, I was frozen. My vision was getting blurred, I was sinking, I was...
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Shantharam Shenoy K said...

man...this is cool....excellent way to end.....absolute suspense....wats gonna happen next?? cant wait....

Arun said...

Dreams becoming real and living by dreams...

A chilling suspense thriller on show...keep going...

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