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August 9, 2008

The foreseen part-6

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"Do you think we will sit here, listen to this bullshit and let you go?",The inspector asked.
"I have explained five times, I can explain again", I was almost in tears.

"We would love to have a change in the story",the inspector took another cigarette out of his pack, he seemed to be a chain smoker.
Every time, I explained the same thing, He would get up, glare at me, and bang on the table with his large fists. It felt like a slap.
"Ok, you can contact the psychiatrist Hary Hagen of City Hospital , Rivereley and ask if what I am speaking is true or not", my throat was dead dry, but I was in no mood to drink water.
"So that's how it goes..., we will have him here tomorrow and lets see, what he has to say",The inspector stood up and was about to go.
"And what happens to me..", I asked.
"You have saved a lot of lives, that's great, but we find it hard to believe your dream stuff story. Make yourself clear and you can be out, otherwise you stay here",He moved out and closed the door.

My dad came along with the lawyer, but I wasn't released. I was charged for withholding the information. According to the inspector, if at least a bit of logic was present in my statement, I wouldn't have been detained. Now that I have been detained, my lawyer told me I had the right to remain silent.If I give up this right, anything I say can be held against me in court. But I wasn't interested in any legal tussle, I just needed to convince the authorities that I was telling the truth.My night at the police station was to begin. I laid down in the bed, there was no bed, it was a concrete slab which was marbled. I prayed that I be saved from this trouble and slowly fell into sleep.

I can see two people working with the pantograph, they seem to be above an Amtrak engine. Now I get it, they are not working with the pantograph. they take 3-4 devices from their bag,One among it seems like a digital clock. The guy who has the digital clock in his hand has a scorpion tattooed on his left wrist, now I notice, even the other guy has the same thing on his left hand. The one with the digital clock has a black mole on his left cheek.Now I can see both of them clearly, I can see their faces clearly.

"Did you get that thing?",one of them asked the other.
"Yup, here it is", the other guy took an object from his bag, square shaped one, I dont know what it is .
"Where did you get this from?", the first guy asked.
"Gracy stores,Trenton", the second replied...

I got up and looked at my watch. It was 7 am. The first night in the lock up wasn't that terrible, I did manage to pull out a good sleep. I couldn't blame the inspector for detaining me; unless he was insane, in no way he could believe me. I knew that; but there was no other way I could present my statement. The breakfast was terrible, not that I expected a 3 course buffet , the whole incident seemed like a nightmare . But I felt even this had a purpose; with yesterday's dream, I knew what the purpose was.

"Mr George, come on..", a policeman opened the iron grill. I was taken to the inspector, my psychiatrist was there.
"Mr George, sorry for the inconvenience, I know this isn't the way we should have treated a citizen who have saved hundreds of lives. Now we can figure out what you meant. Mr Hary has given his statement.But we have some more formalities in the court, but you can leave now, we will let you know, when you have to be here , we expect your full co-operation",The inspector extended his hand. But I did not take it. I did not even hear him.I was lost in thoughts
"Mr George.., Mr George, are you listening, Mr Georgeeeeeeeeee", He virtually barked, and I was back to where actually I was.

"See, I can help you in this, I can help you to figure out ......", I told him. He expected me to complete my sentence. But I was again lost in my thoughts, concentrating on my dream. The inspector seemed perplexed at first, but then he smiled and told me, "Its ok, we will do that, now you can go home, take a bit of rest and be back,we need your full co-operation.".

"NOO, we need to do this now", I was firm, I didn't care I was staring at a policeman.

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