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August 20, 2008

Deception Point

It was almost after a long period of nine years that I finally opened a book on fiction. Infact, it was my cousin who compelled me to read a novel and I have to say, I made an excellent start with this awesome book. Deception Point (2001) is a scientific thriller written by Dan Brown, the author whose book 'The Davinci Code' had been a sensation. But when I started reading the book, I had no idea about the author's fame or his writing style or presentation, I never considered it worth to keep myself abreast of the hot and happening in the fiction world ( I repent now).

Talking about the book , its nothing less than a Hollywood suspense thriller with every frame detailed explicitly well, had this been made into a movie. The book just keeps you glued to it and no wonder, I finished those 546 pages in a matter of two days. The novel begins with the campaign heat for the Presidential election in the United States. The characters of the two candidates are presented in a very detailed manner. Their attitudes are very well portrayed in every word they speak and every thought they undergo. The story moves on explaining the relationship between the protagonist Rachael Sexton and her father and how she becomes a part of one of the greatest discoveries made by NASA. As the story proceeds, she and her friends come to know that what appears to be fine at the surface is something appalling underneath. That very knowledge could even threaten her survival and that is what channels the flow of the story from that point-the Deception point. Then we have wonderful set of twists and turns perfectly placed and their isn't a nerve that is not shaken.

The novel very well depicts the diplomatic rapports between various people and positions in US and portrays the cold blooded nature of certain people for whom their ambition and greed lies above any values or ethics. It also depicts how pride can be used to justify murders. Anyway it was a great 48 hours of pure pleasure and entertainment. What I liked the most was the pain the author took in explaining each and every technical aspect or method used in the novel with surgical dexterity You wouldn't believe me when I say the whole novel is a collection of events that took place within just 3 days, but that stirred a whole nation. I would recommend this book a must read for those who love scientific thrillers.

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