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March 19, 2008


ARMAGEDDON is a term associated with the ultimate battle between good and evil which ends with the victory of anyone and the other perishes for ever. The perplexity of thought ,that you face on seeing the title of this post where you expect me to put in a note of my final year in college,would soon plunge out off the junk of thoughts when I would put down before you the battle,that runs in the blood and brain of every final year student ,every year time and again, the war that takes better out of you unless and otherwise you are an emotionless human machine,the battle that would see you losing to the inevitable cruelty of time,the battle which is still fought out even after knowing its futility when victory is the prime parameter.But there are wars where victory is not the only thing,where fighting is the order and the spirit to overcome the jeopardy of defeat is the victory that happens to be the relevance of the matter even though the reality is much painful.

Its the fight where the good is your feeling or desire to be together and fight against the time that ruthlessly pulls you from each other.Every bond is shaken if not broken and the affinity is the term that we have been affine to, is a painful word that we would have ever come across.I dont know how many of my friends would be feeling the desire to rewind the time and remain in the cradle of memories.But its foolish to think about something thats never gonna happen , instead move on with an urge to split and enjoy every moment thats to come now.If time is so cruel, lets take the challenge to enjoy every moment of it thats left out and dont ever spare a moment to regret.

Getting on to the seventh semester was an arrival to the final round of the game with above mentioned thoughts clogging in my mind.There was no move on in my mind other than this thoughts,but the determination to face it on always pulled me on and kept my energy levels high.One thing was sure,we were no longer ready to be chained within four walls or by the huge books that we might have to eat in. Luckily 7th and 8th sem was all about so called kathi subjects and so going through books was the last thought that we ever wanted in our brains.7th sem was all about roaming around in the campus, spending time in canteen that we had termed the worst cafeteria in the world( is that word inapt??), but even those stale dosas had fresh memories to share. Our 6th sem exams just came in during October and so the final October in campus was eaten up with it.Then followed by lab exams, then we knew we were into the 2008 and the final sem,and before grabbing in the fact ,it was time for lab exams,then 7th sem exams and bla bla bla ( academic curriculum always irritates at the final sem).

The most noticeable fact was my friends were getting more serious.All thoughts were about finishing the course in time and not dragging the story with baclogs.Every one wanted to clear their baclogs and there was more purpose and target in the air.One of the really funniest moments that I prefer treasuring had just been on the way.It was meeting a first year student and it requires no explanation how you would ever be meeting a first year student,especially being a final year student.There was a prank issue that just crept up even though my share was limited, during the meeting.But the whole incident ended up in giving me a very good friend and as the saying goes, All is well that ends well.

Now there is no point in using past tense in this post anymore.All of us are getting busy with our project works,assignments and waiting for those results that would be announced.. well I doubt even if God knows when.But again now its the time to enjoy the final days.Its about planning the final trip of college life.Its about knowing more and more people in college,its about collecting more and more precious moments to the bag of memories, its all about knowing yourself more and its about accepting the arrival of dusk with a smile and as the saying goes ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL..

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Kingindian said...

nice articles...
yeah armaggedon is a weird but we must face it