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March 26, 2008

Iam Legend

I am not a regular movie watcher,basically my movie watching is constrained to the opinions by my friends.So when I was suggested this movie,I did expect a good fest to eyes.But once I saw the movie ,my words of appreciation had reached the superlative degree.Will Smith (Independence day fame) is the main role of the movie enacting Robert Neville, a doctor.He along with his dog happens to be the only survivors at Ground Zero,New York and possibly all other inhabitants had been affected with some sort of cancer that caused almost a complete extinction of human species.

Everyday he roamed around the lonely and dusty city with no other human beings to talk with.He transmitted his voice through radio in search of other human inhabitants.Meanwhile he faces a confrontation with the diseased beings who attack him ,but he escapes.Soon his dog is attacked by the diseased beings and he kills the dog as even it gets infected.So finally he remains as the lone man.Those scenes are very touchy and highlights the mastery of the actor in his expressions.Finally he meets two other survivors who claim there are more survivors.Soon his house gets attacked by the diseased beings, he along with the two survivors gets into the chamber where a diseased person was being treated,he discovers that the medicine he tested on the diseased being has worked and the person was returning back to the normal life.He tried to convince the beings who were hitting themselves at the glass door of the chamber to attack him,that he could save them.He asks the two survivors to escape through a small tunnel and gives them the medicine.Robert Neville takes a grenade,detaches its pin and sacrifices himself and this is his legend.

The movie appears slow at times,but the story and the direction is just about perfect.The feeling of loneliness of Robert Neville even upsets the viewers and I would prefer you better dont watch the movie alone.Finally he sacrifice himself to defend the medicine he has found to cure the disease.lam Legend is really a treat to eyes and hats off to Will Smith, he was superb.So I would suggest you to watch the movie and I promise,you would have one more name to add to the list of all time favourites.

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