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March 14, 2008

The dash to the new world contd.

Basically when you are out to the college after your school, every one does have the tendency to bring in many of the instincts thats cropped in one's school days, like attending all the classes,bothered about homeworks and class notes and most important,preparing for sessional exams. Even I did inherit those properties to my initial year at college, the only hour I bunk was the mechanics hour, that too ,it was the last hour of my first year, I still remember the days when I took leave to prepare for my sessional exams and the pain I took to finish off my homeworks in time.One thing that remains unchanged yesterday and today and probably in the coming years too is my handwriting, its just awesomely terrible(dont look for this phrase in dictionary, you will never find it).

Some of the other moments that I cherish the most is the moment when God showed me one of the most innocent of guys you would ever find in this world. He is one of the most innocent and the most softest at heart, I would say one shouldnt be as soft as that. I remember the day when he was late to reach,Our mathematics teacher just fired a volley of words on him , in fact it was more a kind of fun filled swearing. After being at the receiving end, he sat near me( that was his usual place.)and I could see tears falling off his eyes.Oh dear ,I had never seen someone cry for such a reason even at high school (you dont expect anyone to do so),he rubbed off his tears with his handkerchief and then back to the business of listening in the class.This is something that I would be remembering till my last breath coz such an innocence and softness ,I had never seen and I never hope to see again.

Then of course, we always preferred fixed places.It was like there was some magnet or something that fixed us to our usual places and that monotony of seating,even though to a small extent, still continues.First year in college was all about attending the classes, doing your works properly, scoring handsome in tests, looking for new "relations" and not to forget ,escaping from the seniors, so called demons.

My first two semesters which probably spanned about 6-7 months got ended with our semester exams and we were just as happy as we could ever be coz, we would no longer have to hook in those monotonic and unromantic uniforms , we would no longer be ragged and we are now SENIORS and were eagerly awaiting for our preys.Now we still had three more years in the college

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