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March 28, 2008


Everything that begins got to end one day.Somethings end unnoticed where as some does leave it marks and end with much fanfare.Today is our farewell day, when we would be "sent off" from our campus.Its something inevitable that comes to every engineering student after four years of hip hops and happenings.

When I look back to those cheerful and colorful days of college life,I am hesitant to moveoff, but its better that I do before being kicked off.I have had my ups and downs,but all in all its been more gained than lost in my life.More than tech skills and stuff,various experiences that you learn from here, various moments which you feel are worth treasuring , originate from the cradle of youth.I just cant believe how four years have swept away.It feels like, just hours before when we had packed off our seniors and now its us who will be given an official farewell.

Buts its fine.No complaints,no issues.
Days have passed,months have passed.
We played in sunshine and danced in rain.
We were together in troubles and shared our joys.
We did fight but only to put us closer.
Its been a happy journey thats coming to an end.
With much pain in blood and heart
But we are here to make this day
A memorable one, not just by words.
And finally when we move off
Our faces soothed off ,for the final time
By the winds from the hills
We have nothing left to give
Other than tears from the heart
With the words that break our nerves and veins.
"Adieu LBS"

1 comment:

dilse said...

D Days are always there in our life......
But we were all nostalgic abt our campus days.....
U gave a picture on it....
as ur words we can't make negative feelings on our campus life.....
But should be these memories in ur whole life......
All the very best for u.......