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March 29, 2008

The Devastator

He doesnt have much foot work,he doesnt follow copy book shots,neither he has patience nor he controls his shots,his name is Virender Sehwag, the first Indian to score two triple centuries in the history of test cricket.Had Sehwag put a control to his shots,he would never have reached this milestone.He creates his laws and bats accordingly,no matter who the opposition is,no matter what form of game you are playing,he only knows one thing the best-the devastation of the opposition.

His innings was a treat to eyes, an innings of power packed shots,elegance and some shots that only Sehwag can play.He just underlined the fact that he is an inevitable player in the team and moreover he is in a mission to redefine this form of cricket.Test cricket is no longer all about sitting and defending.Its more about aggression that Sehwag is displaying in the field with his bat.He might or might not score a 400 tomorrow ,but what is worth more is his unchanged attitude thats redefining test cricket from just a boredom of five days to power packed five days.Well done Sehwag, let records pave your way to glory.

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