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March 9, 2008

A pinch of moments

Its been a long time now since I have written something in my blog.Basically being in midst of exams, I couldnt find time to be here and almost the embedded laziness within me did pull me off many a time.But now I do feel I have some memories worth sharing.

Last two days,me n my friends,exactly four in number had a blast of time at Trivandrum. We were sent from our college as a team inorder to participate in the intra state tech-fest YAGNA 08. It was indeed a pleasure trip more than the essence it was meant to serve,but not to forget ,we did do our job what we were expected to do. It was more an exploration of the state capital walking through the roads of the state capital, which started at 5.00 in the morning on 6th March once we got down at the railway station.We had our breakfast and moved on to the college.To be frank,we just a felt a bit awkward at the out set coz we were the only boys seen around in the college amidst an ocean of girls.But later there were more guys to be seen for our respite.We were there till evening and did participate in some of the events. Then moved to the town where we ran to the theater to watch a movie.After the show got back to our rooms and had a nightmarish sleep guarded by mosquitoes.

Next morning it was time for some exploration.After having breakfast, we set out for exploring the city, walked through various streets , visited museum,zoo park and whatever came our way.After having lunch, we moved to the college to attend the prize distribution. After collecting our prize money and certificates, we dashed back to our rooms ,picked up the bags and then to railway station to catch the train.We got into the train and it was bye bye Trivandrum. How swiftly those two days had brushed off from our lives. It was moments of joy and meeting new people and getting new friends. Like all good moments are,even this was short lived ,but again no complaints ,no regrets coz we really did enjoy a lot, a trip to remember and another pinch of good few moments to cherish throughout the life.

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